Tonight I Howl

Coyotes roam our neighborhood.  They were here first.  They eat rodents, rabbits, cats and yes, little dogs.  They scale 7 feet tall fences and have no concept of what property or pets are.

When I take Max out before bed I check the side yard to make sure it’s safe.  Max doesn’t seem to care.  It’s a bit daunting for me.

When I came across Pat’s free verse on her blog I was reminded that all of God’s creatures, all of us, are simply trying to survive  in a land that has become artificial, indifferent and unfamiliar.  And . . . I reminded that the coyotes were here first.

Tonight I Howl

Posted on August 27, 2011 by Pat Cegan

Tonight I think I will howl,
release from deep within
a cry of forlorn, joining my brothers
who lift their snouts to the moon and
wail their sadness and longing.

I will howl for all who fail
to see the beauty that surrounds them,
howl for those dying of hunger
while others spend money to lose weight,
howl at the indifference, often
more deadly than hate.

I will howl because my voice
longs to merge with others in a
song of sweet surrender to who
we are and who we are becoming, a
howl that celebrates life. Amen!

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4 thoughts on “Tonight I Howl

  1. Morning Judy. . .signed in for //patcegan…love poetry, just can’t seem to write it 😦 Years ago lived in rural area and during summer nights coyotes ran our acreage…love listening to them “pack up” which often had our dogs joining their “songs”. During our “open window” season, I played Zampfier (spelling?) flute music and birds would sit on wires outside the window singing to the music. hope I never see the day when “wildness” goes extinct.


  2. We have coyotes in our neighborhood too. Within the past week, in my friend’s neighborhood, 3 dogs were killed by coyotes. I can’t take the high road on this regarding the coyotes being here first. Apparently they are very aggressive even in the daytime. One death happened when a man had his dog on a leash, turned around for half a minute (dog was still on the leash) and the dog was killed. For Max and Callie and all the other dogs out there, we want to protect you and NOT let those mean ol coyotes eat you up like french fries. Dog lovers unite. from Laurie F.


    • Laurie F.
      I fear the coyotes in our neighborhood have become aggressive because people leave pet food out, think they are cute and take off, instead of scaring them off. Of course as the coyotes live among people more and more they will become more acclimated. It would be devastating to lose a pet right before your eyes like that.
      I tend to take “the high road” – it’s never higher than I can reach – when it comes to all creatures. (except snakes)


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