My Studio – Getting Organized, still

Cupboards almost finished-Painting & Sewing Supplies

My art/jewelry/sewing EVERYTHING studio is coming along – slowly but surely.  In case you didn’t see the original post here it is: /

More stuff!

Old sisal rug I painted pink

POSSIBLE valance and curtains

3 comments on “My Studio – Getting Organized, still

  1. Looks like a happening place…..
    lots of art supplies to work with.
    Love the Ikea cupboard.
    Also, pretty darn neat for an Arteest:)
    …or was there a rush to tidy things up
    before the photo OP:)))
    Of course I’m coming from my perspective…
    of what I would have to do to take a neat household pic:)))


    • Ida! From now on I’ll call myself an Arteest — love it. So far nothing is happening except “trying to fit everything in-so-I-can-find-it”
      For someone who has had to par down to almost zero I would think my post might make you twitch!
      So nice to hear from you — always!
      with love,


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