Peak Preview: SPECIAL Christmas present I’m making for ALL my friends

Grass Head Materials

You will need:

    • Old nylon stockings or pantyhose. Knee highs and pop socks, work great. You can also use regular old socks, but the grass sometimes has trouble poking through.
    • Grass seeds. I bought a small “lawn repair kit” which has seeds pre-mixed with slow release fertiliser, but you can use whatever seeds you’ve got handy. I hear that rye or alfalfa seeds also work well.
    • Sawdust or potting mix for stuffing. Or just some soil from your garden. I got a bag of sawdust for free from a big hardware store – they seemed happy to get rid of it!
    • Small yoghurt pot.
  • Decorations. Goggly eyes and fabric scraps for the heads, coloured paper for the bodies, pipe-cleaners for spectacles… get creative 🙂
  • Water-proof glue. For sticking on the eyes, lips, etc. I used hot glue, but you can use any sort of glue so long as it won’t dissolve in water.


6 comments on “Peak Preview: SPECIAL Christmas present I’m making for ALL my friends

  1. Hilarious, but not sure I have access to panty hose, knee-highs or whatever “pop socks” are. Can’t you get these at Walgreens? Chia creatures come in many pre-made animals and semi-historical figures. I’m having enough trouble getting the grass in my yard to grow!


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