In need of therapy: Beta Fish or Their Owners?

Time to drive up the stats!  I feel a need for another fish post.  Let’s see if Beta Fish can out-search Butterfly fish.  

I never though of fish needing my counseling.  I may open a new office once I get my flippers and snorkel ready.

P.S.  I didn’t make any of this up. . . .although it IS heavily edited to protect the names

of the innocent fish  Here’s proof:  


Question on a forum from Woeisme:: “I’ve been looking after a beta for almost a year now the fish has been absolutely fine with a 1-gallon tank and a diet of dried bloodworms. (The owner should be reported to the Society for the Prevention of Gastronomical Cruelty to Creatures)

2 weeks ago, the fish quit eating. a few days after the onset of the fast, (It must be an observant gefilte fish.) .  It began swimming crazily around the tank, bumping into walls, (Sounds more like a temper tantrum than depression — I think the fish is mad that is is fed dried bloodworms ) Now the fish is no longer bumping into walls but still refuses to eat. It now seems to just “hang out,” occasionally swimming on the diagonal.  (This fish should be entered into America’s Got Talent)

Response: Too cool water will make any fish lathargic and not eat.  It may need an epsom salt bath. Is the fish pooping?, Is he bloated or emaciated?  (My doctor asked me the same questions . . . except for the emaciated part)

Woeisme Lady: The fish only eats bloodworms.
The fish is not pooping, but is not bloated and also doesn’t appear emaciated. I will try the epsom salts as well as slowly raising the temp.
Also, as of yesterday, he has taken to doing “headstands” at the bottom of the tank. any idea what this behavior could mean? (He IS practicing for America’s Got Talent!)

Another Response: Swim Bladder Disease, or Constipation. He may snap out of it on his own. Epsom salt will help.

Woeisme, we’re headed to almost a month now with no food, and this morning, the fish has gone back to occasionally floating on its side. it is not dead, but it must be miserable and close to dying. (When I start floating on my side, trust me, I’m dead) i don’t know what else to do to help this fish! do you have any ideas of what i can try? i’m afraid he’s not going to last much longer…my hopes were raised after his normal swimming last week, but today it seems we’re back to where we were a couple weeks ago.

Response: Some bettas only live 1 1/2 to 2 years.

Woeisme oh how sad – i really want him to pull through!

Response: Don’t worry, bettas can survive a month or more without eating. (NOW you tell her)

Woeisme #2 Lady:  I have two betas and they share the same exact tank. (with a divider in the middle,) They both seem to enjoy each others company. It’s really cute. They hate it when I have to clean the tank and they thrash about when they’re in their little cups, (Geez I’d thrash around too if I were put in a cup) but then once put back in the tank, they’re calm and touch their little snouts (SNOUTS?  Did she ever consider the possibility they are not fish?)  together between the plastic.

The night before I could not find him so I knocked on the tank and he did not surface.  I put my hand in the tank because he was not responding (Probably scared out of his gourd with a giant hand coming at him )and was moving his items around, I hope I did not damage him when he fell out of the clam shell in the tank.(!!!!) I became afraid when he did not respond. Please help. (I would report her to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fish if he were my client)

Woeisme #4: My Beta is at least 3 years old and has always been really active. Lately he has taken to laying on his side or completely vertical at the bottom of the tank (another contestant for America’s Got Talent). He only wiggles a fin when you tap on the glass and surfaces a few times a day to get air and then sinks again. Is he just getting old or is there a reason why he is acting so strange. ( Fish are NOT suppose to gasp for AIR, ever think about the possibility it’s not a fish?)

Betta Fish are brave

Boldly go where no one’s gone

Live in bowl alone


Betta’s fight to death

Betta fish eat their own kind

Spit out the feathers


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