An Open letter from Tallulah PaceHead


Dear all of JudyJudith’s dear fretting friends, concerned colleagues and curious creatures,

As you know I keep getting schlepped to the doctor’s office.

They slap a magnetized computer thingey over me and it is so annoying that my own heart speeds up.  Then they download every memory that I’ve ever had and pry into my private life.  They know where I’ve gone, what I’ve done AND HOW IVE DONE IT!   I tell you I have no privacy.  It’s like being on Reality TV.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I am faced with identity theft  sometime in the future.

Well, my point is – I want you all to know that JudyJudith is doing better now that they’ve slowed me down.  She still complains about being tired. She is so self-absorbed that she doesn’t even ask about my feelings.  I’m doing better too because my batteries aren’t being used up and I will live a longer life.  I will better be able to  keep up my appearance now that I have more leisure time. Since I won’t be running (around) as much, I asked her to take me to a plastic surgeon for a bit of lipo around my hips   She said no.

Here are MY haikus.  I normally prefer the dramatic arts.

Tallulaikus, by Tallulah Pacehead

Stuck and trapped inside

Implanting does that to you

I long to run free

I’m green with envy

You humans have it so good

Be very thankful

28 comments on “An Open letter from Tallulah PaceHead

  1. Tallulah went for a run
    But that wasn’t much fun
    So she slowed it down
    and judyjudith doesn’t frown
    Tallulah’s hips don’t need suction
    Good luck with your new function
    By keeping a slower pace
    You will win the pacemaker race
    (okay, so my poetry stinks at 4:53 am when I’ve been up all night because I was in bed all day with a migraine (except when I was in the bathroom).
    Anyway, glad that a compromise has been reached. Sorry, Tallulah but I just can’t haiku at the best of times.


    • Dear Miss Lorraine Phylorsblog Person,

      You are so sweet
      to say my hips are neat
      Keeping a slower pace
      Keeps my heart in the right place
      and I don’t take the heat

      With admiration for your most poetic attitude
      and gratitude for your generous attitude,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


  2. Dearest Tallulah and Judy …

    I have been away from my computer for over a week, and just returning. Seems like I have missed important updates on both of you.

    Tallulah, I know how important your work is and how diligent you have been in keeping Judy on track … but it seems you have been working yourself and Judy into a frenzy … I am glad to hear all is getting sorted out and both of you are walking in more peaceful harmony. 🙂

    Keep up the great work, Tallulah! You are an inspiration of motivation!!


    • Dear Miss Becca Givens,
      So glad you have returned from where ever you were safely with sound mind and body. I so appreciate your acknowledging the important work I do and the diligence of which I so diligently take seriously as I know that I alone stand between Miss Judith’s sanity and insanity, honesty, truth, justice and dishonesty, not to mention her very life here on this planet that we all share, some in harmony, some in disharmony, and death which would not be very pleasurable for me to say the least.

      I take exception, however, to your inference that I’ve been working both myself, moi and Miss Judy into a frenzy. I’ve merely been doing what I was programmed to do by my programmers and take no responsibility nor culpability for any frenzy that has arisen, is arising or may arise in the future.

      I take no exception, however, to your insightful insight that I am an inspiration of motivation as I have been, am being and will be forever more.

      Thank you Miss Becca. I remain,
      Sincerely yours,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


    • Dear Miss Magically Mystical,
      I’m so thankful you have taken the time to share how my Tallulaiku has inspired you to, as you say “heed the call to thankfulness” which I would say a bit differently, a bit more poetically, but then again poetry comes unbidden from the depths of my soul and as such does inspire those who are so inclined and of right mind to be thankful they are human although I would think that would be a rather obvious choice given the fact they are human.
      sincerely yours,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


    • Dear Mr Morning Bird,
      Why thank you so much for the few but discerning words of encouragement. I seem to be in the groove with my Tallulaikus as I’ve gotten a lot of recognition for the way I have with words and how, as you said, not only do they spark fire, like the flames of an evening campfire under the pine in a deep dark mysterious forest where no one else has dared to tread but they inspire others to greatness in a way they never dreamed as they sit by the campfire of my inspiration, under the pine in a deep dark mysterious forest where no one else has dared to tread as they watched the flames sparking and experience the wonder of me.
      Sincerely yours,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


    • Dear Mr Andy Sewina,
      Why thank you so much for being such a dear. My Tallulaikus just come flowing out like a babbling brook of cool, pure water so clear you can see the bottom and so fresh you swoon at the delight of being in the presence of something so wonderful of which there are no words to describe the enchanting experience, the indescribable inspiration of simply being at one with the muse.
      Sincerely yours,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


    • Jiyan (Not sure if that is your name!),
      Thank you for the “fabulous”. Especially coming from someone who wrote this haiku:

      “Diet does do wonders,
      To stay charming and fit,
      Drink lots of water.”

      Love your poems — they dance with springs in their steps.


    • My Dear Mr Snake,
      I so appreciate your taking the time to recognize “darling” one of my many attributes. You are a man of insight. I am also please to note that you are chivalrous as well – assuring me that I need not be frightened is gallant of you.

      With kindest regards,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


  3. Nice informative post about yourself too!! You are inspirational and motivational, a fabulous person with a deep positive mood!! Makes my swim against the tide easier!! 🙂
    Your red and green haiku is brilliant!! You truly are a great colourful personality!! 🙂

    Take care!!
    Hugs and cheers!!


    • Viv,
      The computer hook-up thingey that transmits the data to the computer is magnetized! When they put it on my chest Tallulah beats like crazy for a second or two! I guess that’s why they want people with pacemakers to stay away from MRI’s!!!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a pacemaker.
      When I was growing up the heart was the measure of life and death, not the brain. And coupled with the fact my Father-in-law died having his pacemaker replaced because the surgeon cut his aorta . . . it was more frightening to me than I consciously realized. Giving Tallulah a voice helps take me smile.
      thank you so much for your comments.


  4. I’m glad you are feeling better.
    Keep up the great work on you! Relax, have a facial, a mani/pedi…you deserve it!
    You’re doing a great job taking care of JudyJudith. I’m proud of you.

    sharing more haiku’s with you. Hope you enjoy.

    Dizzy chick can not hear you
    Noise in ear too loud
    Needs be better at charades.

    Drawing helps the pain
    Concetrating on beauty
    Am very grateful

    I’m looking forward to being able to pay more attention to my appearance too, may be reaching out for some beauty tips.



    • Dear Miss Wendy,
      I’m terribly flattered you took the time to write me. I don’t get many letters you know. It’s probably because I don’t get out very much these days. I’m originally from the Old World you know.
      Please do let me know when you wish my advice on beauty tips. As you can see from my pictures I’m quite good at putting together flattering outfits and keeping abreast (pun intended, ahem) of the lastest trends.

      With the warmest of regards,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead

      P.S. Here’s a little something in your honor:

      Dizzy chick you say?
      It’s cluck cluck cluk for you, not


  5. Oh sweetie,

    They are putting you through the wringer, aren’t they? You probably feel that circus acts don’t have to jump through as many hoops as you have had to lately. But, it’s all for the greater good. You and JudyJudith have to take care of each other.


    p.s. I don’t think you need lipo either. You’re wonderful just the way you are. However, if both of you are agreeable to this, may I suggest a treat, perhaps going to the spa. You can both relax and be pampered.You work so hard and everyone deserves some sort of treat.



    • Dear Miss Maureen,
      I so appreciate your taking the time to write me. You are obviously a most compassionate woman to recognize the difficulties I’ve been put through in these last several months. It has been extremely hurtful to be falsely accused of something that is out of my control and to be subjected to that magnetic thingey that makes me do things that are unmentionably stressful.

      You are so kind to tell me that I don’t need lipo but I am after perfection and a tiny waist and smaller hips would, I think, be extremely attractive and I might even be able to pursue a patent for my new design and become filthy rich.

      With deep appreciation, yours truly,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead

      P.S. Spa? I have never met a spa. I wonder if they are any relation to the Pod People?


  6. Dear Tallulah,
    I truly appreciate knowing more about you, I was very concerned about my dear friend JudyJudith. Thank you for taking good care of her and helping her. I admit I was a little apprehensive before knowing you but I embrace you now with friendship and love. Take care of JudyJudith and let her know that I send her love, oh, and I send u, Tallullah my love too. You’re a good friend. Love, Laurie F.


    • My Dear Miss Laurie Fessler,
      It is so nice to hear from you. Such a sweet letter. You need not fret or work yourself into a lather anymore. My purpose in life is to keep JudyJudith’s heart beating appropriately, in addition to looking my very best.
      I shall pass on your love to her with every beat of her heart.
      With kindest regards and other things too good to mention,
      Miss Tallulah


  7. Well Tallulah, about time you get your act together and pay attention,
    to your job. Judy is trusting you to make sure you know your job.

    I feel better now that I know a little about you.
    Take care of our Judy. She want to be able to run free.


    • Dear Miss Ida,
      Thank you for your thoughtful reply. HOWEVER, I want you to know that I’ve always had my act together as is evidenced by the many pictures JudyJudith has posted of me on this blog. I am very proud of my act, as well I should be.

      Please know that I am appreciative of your love and concern for the person I live with.
      Yours in Sisterly Solidarity,


        • Susie,
          I could not find any reference to “brain damaged” on your blogs. I do hope that is not literally the case. Please let me know.

          You are absolutely right – we never know what life will bring, or not bring. I’m not sure if I am fortunate or not as I didn’t have any dreams as a child. So I’ve not had to mourn very many things that didn’t materialize. Then again . . .


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