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I'm Pacing

My Dears,

I returned to the cardiologist  and had them turn off my pacing assist to hopefully, once and for all, get Miss Judith to stop dramatically clutching her chest when she exerts herself in any mild to moderate way  of which she holds the  belief she’s being very subtle and heroic and doesn’t think I don’t notice all the while hoping I notice, while I pretend I don’t notice because I don’t want to reinforce her melodramatic proclivities.

Miss Judith probably doesn’t even know I had myself “adjusted” because all she’s been doing is sitting around.

Now, to much more important things that everyone should know and to that end I want you to watch  this 3-minute FUNNY film called “Just a Little Heart Attack” with  Elizabeth Banks from the American Heart Association about the symptoms of heart attack in young women.  I found it funny but then again I don’t get out much,


The video and the excerpt  that follows comes from an excellent and very informative blog  Heart Sisters.  Did I say this is an excerpt?  You must read the entire post and then go on to read the entire blog as it is not just for heart disabilities but everyone with a life altering condition can benefit from the information so go read the blog NOW!

Very graciously yours,

Miss Tallulah PaceHead

P.S.  After you watch the film read what Carolyn Thomas has to say.

 Carolyn Thomas, a Mayo Clinic-trained heart attack survivor writes:

” I have to say that the breast cancer folks have done a fabulous job in raising awareness of their cause. So fabulous, in fact, that they have erroneously convinced women that breast cancer is our biggest health threat.”

It is not, of course.  This year, heart disease will kill six times more women than breast cancer will.  In fact, heart disease kills more women than all forms of cancer combined.”

“. . . Young women can have heart disease, too. Yet when researchers reporting in the New England Journal of Medicine looked at more than 10,000 patients (48% women) who had gone to their hospital Emergency Departments with chest pain or other heart attack symptoms, they found that women under the age of 55 are SEVEN TIMES more likely to be misdiagnosed in mid-heart attack than their male counterparts are. A commonly heard pronouncement delivered by too many Emergency physicians to too many female heart patients is:

‘It’s not your heart.

You’re too young to be having a heart attack’.”

from – http://myheartsisters.org/ a really excellent informative blog.

9 comments on ““Tallulah Talk”

  1. Hold the phone! This little Elizabeth Banks video which we all know and love by now has been rudely slammed by none other than the editor of Health News Review, in Forbes magazine no less, accusing her of “disease mongering” while just trying to get women to shop at Macy’s (who helped sponsor this women’s heart attack symptom public awareness project)

    I immediately left an appropriately sputtering rebuttal to Gary Schwitzer’s article, and I invite you to do likewise should you be so moved: http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryhusten/2011/10/06/disease-mongering-du-jour-heart-disease-in-young-women-red-competing-with-pink/

    Carolyn Thomas


      • I LOVED what you said to Mr. S. Had you commented on his own blog, Health News Review, I’m 99% sure he would have trashed your comment, BUT you sent your comment directly to Forbes magazines (which had republished the original HNR piece) so personally, I live in hope. Check tomorrow to see if it’s been approved or not by Forbes. I hope so!!!

        Interestingly, today I got the following reassuring email from a real live physician who read my Twitter feed on the subject (“Gary Schwitzer is oh-so-wrong’ on this…) She sent me this email:


        “Hi Carolyn,

        “I saw your tweet about Gary Schwitzer’s blog. You are on target. My take: his blog reads like an anti-mammography (or anti-cancer screening) rant, more often than it considers news fairly. But he “rates” the news and is highly regarded by AHCJ (American Health Care Journalists), which is scary, really problematic for me.

        No more for now on this; his work is a pet peeve. I’ve stopped following his blog because he kept on NOT posting my comments, saying they were ‘lost in the system’ or spam filters, and also because he’s so often so wrong or, at best, very skewed. As are many journalists, but he’s in the business of rating others, and “clarifying” what other people say and write.”


        Isn’t that great? It’s not just us emotional, hysterical female-types who are over-reacting to his attack on women’s heart attack awareness because it hits too close to home, as Gary defensively responded to one commenter! Now where are OTHER doctors – and the American Heart Association who MADE this film, and why aren’t THEY rushing to post comments about this preposterous article by Mr. S as we are?!

        Thanks for being outraged, Judy Judith!!


  2. Miss Tallulah,

    It’s been adjustments and drama for both of you lately, hasn’t it? As someone who has to sit around a lot, I know it isn’t fun. Hopefully, you will get the chance to get out again very soon. I had to look up neuroma to see what it is. Is cortisone not something she wants? Is it not wanting to go to another doctor’s office? I can appreciate that one. But, have a chat with her to figure out the best way to do things so you’re back on your feet

    Also, thank you for the video and the link to the blog. Very informative.

    Now…you two take care of each other. Sending hugs and love and kisses.



    • Dear Miss Maureen,
      Miss JudyJudith doesn’t want to go to any more doctors ever but unfortunately she is smart enough, not quite as smart as me since I am totally computerized and will last forever with appropriate battery changes, to understand that she has no options at this time but to receive another cortisone injection in her foot and bare the excruciating pain, not to mention the discomfort, of the injection for unfortunately she gets a localized reaction to cortisone which goes away after a day so she really should not complain, but alas, she is a bit melodramatic and knowing her as I do she’ll limp around for quite some time so others understand that she is suffering even tho it will help her immensely and then of course she’ll have to find something else to be melodramatic about as is her want.
      Sincerely your,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


  3. Well, Ms. Tallulah……….Ms. Judith can be melodramatic……after all she’s a JAP! We are born with melodramatic genes! Ok, sweetie………how are you feeling? By turning off the assist will that help? I worry about you!!!!!!



    • Dear Miss Rosemary Lee,
      I am here to tell you that Miss JudyJudith has been sitting on her bumm, although I am not sure how that’s spelled but you know which part of her anatomy I am referring to I am sure, as she has not ventured out in order to test out my new pacing and so I have no idea if she will get light headed again on her walks, nor does she want to try to walk right now as she has a neuroma on her foot which becomes painful when she walks and she has been avoiding going to the doctor because she knows that she will have the choice of getting a cortisone shot or limping around for the duration so consequently I would not worry about her just yet and I promise to tell you if and when to begin to worry since worrying is not healthy for you I do not want you to start clutching YOUR chest in empathy as there are better parts of the anatomy to clutch.

      Yours in PrincessHood,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


  4. Dearest Tallulah

    Thanks so much for this great plug for Heart Sisters. The $20 we talked about is in the mail . . . 😉



    • Dear Miss Carolyn Thomas,
      You are so graciously kind and truly a woman of her word who doesn’t mince words and is able to speak her mind and in doing so gets peoples attention and I admire that quality, especially in a woman, because I too, do not like to mince words and always speak my mind, although I don’t get a chance very often as I am usually preoccupied with doing my Pace Work as you might imagine having a good imagination as well as not mincing words.

      Humbly Yours,
      Miss Tallulah PaceHead

      P.S. I do believe we agreed upon $100


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