JUMBO Journals – The Colors of my Life

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Can you believe that these were done with a credit card as their “paint brush”?

These are from the Monday afternoon Therapeutic Creative Expression GroupShop.

Not one drop of acrylic pain on the floor but there was some on the wall!

14 comments on “JUMBO Journals – The Colors of my Life

  1. Some of these are quite expressive.
    But why credit cards?
    It’d probably make me happy to use an old credit card that way…it would probably horrify my husband. (he’s very conscientious about things like that.) Yeah, he’s the geek and money manager in the family…I’m the messy, creative one.

    What a perfect pair.


      • Judy,
        Yes, hubby “could” do it, but that would require being mess, and getting dirty. (well he will get dirty, but he could never let himself go enough to do this.)

        Every time I create something that’s just a silly squiggle, or design..it doesn’t represent anything REAL…he has to see something.

        He cannot let lose with art, because it would simply be too chaotic for him. He’s the geek, I’m the artist…and it works! imagine that!

        : )


  2. paint on the wall? shows the commitment to the effort! 🙂 i also saw some paint on the pants, mine, which i think is great and provides a wonderful reminder of the creative learning process.


  3. Simply AMAZING. Please come to the East Coast or at least give me plenty of notice to come there for a workshop that includes this and writing and…whatever you want. I’m serious I have a free airline ticket that I want to use for YOU (and Judith) Almost fooled you, right Max? I will bring you doggie delicious treats. Please tell your owner I am serious. Love, as always, Laurie and Callie


    • Dear my best friend Laurie and best pal Callie,
      My Human is known as the Goddess of the Last Minute — She claims she never knows how she’s going to feel or what she wants to teach. But I’ll bark at you and let you know when she’s getting ready to do a workshop.
      Lickingly LLLLLLLLLLL
      P.S. DO NOT EVER TRY TO FOOL ME AGAIN. This means you have to bring double the amount of cookie treats.


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