Single Serve Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

I’m so disappointed.  The electricity was out at my office building and I couldn’t hold the Tuesday night Therapeutic Jumbo Journal GroupShop tonight.

So I locked up the office and went home to eat vicariously by reading recipes.

How does Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough that won’t make you sick because there are no raw eggs in it sound?  

AND since it is only one serving you will burn up more calories making it than eating it.  Is this perfection, or what?

No Electricity Needed Single Serve Cookie Dough

 Vanilla Extract (to taste)

1 tbsp Water (or milk)

3 tbsp Flour

2 tbsp Granulated Sugar

as much Butter/ Margarine as it takes to get the consistency of your dreams

as many Chocolate Chips as you want to savor the flavor

1. Mash the butter. (50 calories burned if the butter is soft.  150 calories if the butter is hard   500 calories if the butter is frozen)

2. Add every thing except water and chocolate.  It will be tough but don’t give up! When complete, you should have a dry crummy mess. (150 calories burned for light, slow mixing,  5,000 calories if you beat it by hand)

3. Once you have incorporated the ingredients as best you can, add as much water or milk as you need untill you get desired cookie dough texture.  ( 100 calories burned for water.  467 calories burned for milk since it comes from cows)

If you haven’t eaten it already and want to use up even more calories, scoop dough into 4 balls. (400 calories burned, 100 per ball) Then eat them while you make another single serve batch.

Credit for the yummy goes to Katie at

Let me know how much weight you lose!

8 comments on “Single Serve Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

  1. Don’t mention losing weight…I’ve gained so much since I’ve been lying here in bed, not being able to do much of anything…but crave ice cream…um Chocolate ice Cream.

    Unfortunately, I can’t even stand up to cook, so I’m not burning calories there either.

    Funny, I’ve never been a fan of cookie dough…now Chocolate Chip cookies…oh my!
    I’m gluten free…and Pamala’s Chocolate Chunk cookie mix is divine…a friend of mine said they are magic cookies. they just keep disappearing. (and she’s not gluten compromised.)

    I really need to stop eating so much while in bed….I would just eat veggies to make it better, but I have fructose intolerance too! Don’t want to be on the toilet the whole time.
    what a dilemma.
    how to lose weight, or even stay toned, or anything, while confined to bed?
    any ideas?


    • Wendy,
      that’s a really tough one — to stay toned while confined to bed. I do know there are exercises you can do while you are prone — mostly isometrics but they do work. I have an ice cream recipe from a fantastic dessert blog that is HEALTHY!
      I’ll go look up the link now and sent it to you.
      with love,


      • oh you are such a dear!! Trying to do isometrics. my hubby says I have a tight tummy,,,,under “there” He meant it nice. Really.
        it is hard. I often get vertigo just by trying to do that. anything moving my head, or getting my blood flowing differently.
        every time I go to the bathroom i get the worst headache.
        and I just eat all the dang time. keep thinking…something will make me feel better, and never satisfied.

        thank you in advance if you can find the healthy ice cream.


        • Wendy,
          Just sent the link for the HEALTHY DESSERTS!
          I just thought of something – Have you been tested for diabetes? A colleague had almost the identical symptoms and by a fluke they tested for diabetes and he turned out to be severely diabetic.


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