Cars & Love

Tessa and I met many years ago when she attended one of my altered book Therapeutic Creative Expression Workshops.

She’s one of those people that you instantly feel comfortable with.

She and Steve Parker are Marriage and Family Therapists and have written a very “cool” book on relationships.  Now anything that has lots of pictures and makes the point without lots of psycho-talk is “cool” in my book.

You can check it out on their web-site:

Tessa Kershnar, MA, MFT – Steve Parker, PhD, MFT

Here’s some pretty good results from couples who have used the book:

“Don’t let the cartoons fool you.This book is full of wisdom. The ideas are practical and work!”
… Craig S. Minneapolis, MN

“I mark the page I want my partner to think about and leave it open on the bedside table. It prompts a really intimate conversation between us.”
… Jane K. Newport Beach, CA

“We followed Tessa and Steve’s suggestions. We’re back to being Lovers and Best Friends again!”
… Marc and Marsha Y. Boise, ID

P.S.  If you buy the book tell Tessa I sent you so I can win a free CAR to go with the book.  Right Tessa?

Wadda ya say? Comments HERE! (Depending on energy, I may not be able to respond to every comment but I READ every word of every comment!)

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