Face-off: Which gets the most hits -Epiglottitis OR Butterfly Fish?

Butterfly fish started it all.  I don’t even remember how I got on the subject but since then of EVERYTHING I’ve ever written about DAILY the most searches that land people on this blog are butterfly fish or just plain fish.

My good cyber-friend Laurie Fessler wrote the following post and guess what!  The most word searches she gets are “epiglottitis!

I proposed a face-off between butterfly fish and epiglottitis.  She posted a piece on butterfly fish http://hibernationnow.wordpress.com/2011/10/09/butterfly-fish/ and I’m reposting her original article.

The two subjects are like Mutt & Jeff, Oil & Water, serious & frivolous, pain & pleasure.

We’ll keep you posted!

Calling Epiglottitis A Bitch Is A Vast Understatement

Picture from Wikipedia

By hibernationnow

I have had epiglottitis twice; it is an ulcerated part of your epiglottis, below your throat, hidden in thieves. It is the worst pain I have ever had and I’ve had it two years in a row. Nobody knows what causes it, they think it’s a viral infection. As much as I have BEGGED for answers on how to prevent from getting it again, there are no answers. The doctors shake their heads kindly but have no information.

The first time I had it the ENT ( Ear, Nose,Throat Specialist) scoped me through my nose and saw it he literally said “How the hell did you get that?” Those were not comforting words to hear. I don’t know how I got it and I don’t know how I got it again. I just knew that this was the worst pain I have ever had. Childbirth was a breeze compared to this long, incredibly painful illness.

Has anyone out there ever have this monster of an illness? I’d be interested in knowing. The most my doctor could do was promise me to give me pain medication. If I could, I would prefer being asleep for the ten days that I have it. It makes sore throats seem like a cute tickle in your mouth. It feels like a hot, serrated knife butchering you every time you have to swallow.

Don’t come again, you mean and evil illness. I’ve had enough.

15 comments on “Face-off: Which gets the most hits -Epiglottitis OR Butterfly Fish?

  1. This week the most used searches were: eric clapton, how put fibromyalgia ribbon on a avatar, tag lines for alternative medicine, squirrel header, graveside lights
    Last week: national sticky note day, eric clapton, trenches in ww1 barbed wire, alex trebek and illness, neuragen tooth, medicine cartoons, oh i get by with a little help from my friends comentary, chronic pain images, cartoon of chronic pain, abstract of carnivals .
    Top of the all time list is my name and my blog’s name, followed by: chronic pain; chronic pain cartoon; peanuts cartoon; how to make a paper airplane; atypical odontalgia; and neuragena. The list goes on from there. Guess I’d better blog about butterfly fish!


  2. Laurie,
    I’m so sorry to hear you have gone through this horrible illness.

    I googled it and quickly saw these sites. I see where they suggest getting
    the HIB vaccine. Laurie, I’m sure you have done all this, but just in case.



    Children’s hospital in Boston provides care for anyone with this illness,
    (see their website) This sounds promising.

    At Children’s Hospital Boston, the Division of Infectious Diseases provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care for this unusual infection.

    The Hib vaccine, which prevents Epiglottis in children, has made this condition very rare. It must be good for Adults. I don’t know if you have had this vaccine.


    One more:)……from across the Pond.

    Laurie, depending where you live…if you are in L.A. area, I would check UCLA Med.


    If you should get it again, Guided Imagery is a first line of defense for pain, and
    Acupuncture could help. I’ve used both. Guided Imagery can be done over the phone,
    if you don’t live near the ONE:)

    Hope this helps. Oh…then grab some Butterfly Fish for good measure:)



    • I love Ida and Judith!
      I BEGGED, after doing research, for my Dr. to give me the Hib vaccine. I begged and pleaded and begged again. The answer was always NO, it’s just for children…..
      Ida, I live in New York but I will research if they might give me the vaccine elsewhere. Thank you so much. BtW, this type of pain is so tortuous that imaging anything other than a morphine drip is impossible!!
      Thanks for caring! Love, Laurie


  3. Oh you got me so curious about what was the most searched for terms on my blogs.
    On Picnic With Ants…it was Meniere’s by far! But the third term down was Don’t Judge Me…thought that was funny.

    On my blog Wendy Cooks, that is all about Gluten Free and Fructose Friendly cooking…the most searched for term was Asian Soup…..very strange!

    On Create to Heal the #1 searched for term was Circular Paint Abstract! The next was Create to Heal…wow! One was “hearing aid” “my husband” site:blogspot.com (the quotes were in the search) Now that was pretty specific. Funny since my husband doesn’t have a hearing aid! ha!

    I’ll have to keep an eye out on this…it’s funny.
    and epiglottitis sounds horrible!
    Butterfly fish are nice…I once did a stained glass piece for a scuba diver and it has butterfly fish in it. One of my favorite pieces I did when working for a stained glass place.



      • Sorry Darlin’, there’s a new kid in town…….‘Oh Lola’ Perfume – Dakota Fanning
        By hibernationnow
        have gotten about 50 hits on an article I wrote in October in which I said it should be banned in the US. Well, the US may not have listened but the UK did. (smart people!!!) This perfume ad, naughty naughty ad campaign is now banned in the UK. There was one naughty US fan that actually liked it in a, ummm, weird kind of way, she said “pretty flower..” You need a THERAPIST to interpret that quote!!! Game on. Again. PS Epiglottitis still hurts like a bitch. Love, Laurie F. from hibernationnow


        • Laurie F.
          It is against the RULES to use established personalities under the age of consent or consumer products with national ‘exposure” to bump up the HITS! We can only count HITS on consenting adults and things that are biodegradable.
          P.S. Whoever said “Pretty Flower” NEEDS a therapist. Don’t give her my name.


          • I will certainly NOT give her YOUR name, my goodness, I have MORALS, dear Judith. As for postings, BEFORE the hits on NO LOLA, my husband, Dan (definitely OVER the legal age) was the winner in the post “Pleading WHAT?” (as in PLEADING STUPID) Which our good friend Lorrain-Phylor now calls it the Dan Defense of the Century. It is amazing how our small little group is expanding. Got Fish? Love, Laurie F.


              • Sigh. Pop.U. Lar it.y. ( I got bored with all those syllables) Most hits of the week. As I said….. “he is wearing Ray Bans and is happy to sign autographs…….” because of the STUPID DEFENSE…NOT THE PLEADING WHAT? DEFENSE……oh never mind. Got Chocolate? Love, Laurie F. (Why do I think the answer here will be to the affirmative?)


                • Lo Siento. I AM SORRY. I need to do the same. For sure. A-HA, you know we do love a challenge……you and I are like that…….what do you say? Think about it? Though I am sure my metabolism is on the off switch permanently. Yours, through thick and thin, Love your friend, Laurie F. p.s. I have found Max’s cousin/sibling on line in Facebook. A person I once hired. I will give you their name in an email message, Max must take a glance at his relative!!!


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