Jumbo Journal groupshop

Session #2 of the Monday & Tuesday Therapeutic Creative Expression GroupShops: We did “stacked writing”: Each participant was given a variety of papers and permanent markers.  Instructions are to write their feelings about their personal healing focus:  Write big, sloppy, continuously, write on top of writing, rotate paper, write more,  write on top of writing, rotate again and write, write write until “written out” Yup, you got the idea.

  • Writing-on-top-of-writing creates a textured design.
  • You can say ANYTHING you want, no holds barred
  • No one, including you, can read what is written
Lastly, the stacked writing is torn or cut and mod-podged in the journals they created last week.
Take a look!

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Count for Tuesday Oct 12th
Fish: 38
Epiglottitis: 0

7 comments on “Jumbo Journal groupshop

  1. wish those rich tustin relatives would adopt me. doesn’t look promising that they will let me live in their pool side entertainment centre cabana. spent time with the other rich family members over the weekend. never again. too much money = spoiled children and arrogrant smugness. i don’t fit into their golden circle, and really i don’t care — just want about $500,000 from them, that’s all, lol.
    oh well, your blogs give me a peak into your creative world. thanks for sharing.


    • Lorraine!
      You need a lesson in “sucking up”! If you start blogging about fish who are bottom dwellers you will learn “Suck up” 101. From there you can move onto sharks and predators. There’s a wealth of information that you’ve missed by not becoming an oceanographer. We can work on the relatives.


  2. Oh, you know I did do painting that had this idea once…have no idea what happened to it. I wrote out all the things that hurt me in my home when growing up…all over the center of a canvas, then I painted a house on top of it. In strange colors. You could barely see the words, and really couldn’t read any, but it helped.

    I must find a collage I did when dealing with my molestation…It is very moving…but I have to find it.



  3. I love this! And will try it, as soon as I can get out of bed, so I can use more messy mediums.
    Last time I tried to paint (my finger painting) I had an attack from being up so much and seeing the paint moving….

    But I love so many of your tutorials!
    I keep thinking there has to be a way for me to put on my blog about them, not just a link to your blog…but more.
    Perhaps I’ll make a page, about you…and maybe others…who offer great suggestions for art therapy.

    I have been using my art to help me…but in a different way, than therapy…it is therapy for me…no drugs required. But it doesn’t offer much for others, and I wanted to do that.

    I too would attend your workshops if I wasn’t on the opposite coast! I know airplanes…but not until I can move better!…and they cost so much money! Plus a place to stay…and you aren’t close to any of my CA friends. Oh if I’d only known about you when I lived in Palm Springs. I wouldn’t have been as desperate then, but it would have helped.

    But you help anyway.

    thanks for everything.


    • Wendy,
      Thank you for the encouragement! Feel free to repost anything I do Wendy. My goal is to get the word out about the therapeutic value of creative expression.

      You can do the stacked writing in bed with markers, oil pastels etc. You can do it with eyes closed, standing on your head, lying underneath the covers. Then you can use it to collage with out the paingt. The stacked writing creates art in and of itself. You can mix and match media and from what I see about your art you can have fun and create a WendyWay!


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