Do you know where your Epiglottis is tonight?

Mr. Epi Glottis

(If you missed the original Epiglotitis and FISH Face-off post between Laurie and me, you’d better read it so you can fully appreciate this post.  Here it is!)

This is the post, written by Laurie Fessler, that started it all!

Calling Epiglottitis A Bitch Is A Vast Understatement

“I have had epiglottitis twice; it is an ulcerated part of your epiglottis, below your throat, hidden in thieves. It is the worst pain I have ever had and I’ve had it two years in a row. Nobody knows what causes it, they think it’s a viral infection. As much as I have BEGGED for answers on how to prevent from getting it again, there are no answers. The doctors shake their heads kindly but have no information.”

Concession Speech

By Laurie Fessler

“Shameless promotion for the blogfish, blobfish contest!!!! Ha Ha,

I think you win!!

Besides, who wants a really horrific sore throat that makes them want to die?”

Love, Laurie F.

Here’s what YOUR epiglottis looks like and where it’s located.

No wonder it hurts when you get epiglottitis!

P.S.  And here’s the post that started it all on my blog.  (I have to confess that I have lots of “FISH” posts to drive up my blog searches.  Laurie only has a couple of Epiglottis posts.  Please don’t tell her I’ve loaded the deck ….)

12 comments on “Do you know where your Epiglottis is tonight?

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  2. do you folks need a ref or a referrer
    to deal with this fish fevour
    or is it about being gloatous
    over mr. epiglottis?
    (k, so I don’t rhyme so good at 3:37 in the am
    this was a weak attempt at a funny po em)
    fishingly, ever so glottisly yours,


  3. Oh Boy, I have TWO new best friends!
    Just as I felt like I was losing so many.

    Max, I hope your human knows I was just playing around.
    I have written a couple of posts that include fish…I decided to put fish in the tags to see if anything comes up.

    Right now my number one in the word search that finds my blog is “draw asl love” (I think they may be disappointed.)

    I’m still so excited to have 2 new best friends!


    • My dear best friend Wendy,
      My human would be sad if you were NOT playing around. Play is the best thing, after dog cookies. It keeps you young.
      My human told be to tell you that you (or anyone else) is free to steal, repost, or otherwise use any of her fish posts to drive up your blog searches. She gets a kick out of it. She would like to see the expression on people’s faces when they are trying to figure out what to do with their own fish and end up on MY blog. My Human has an overactive imagination.
      Lickingly yours, LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
      Max, Your friend


      • Max, Perhaps we humans should just put fish in all of our tags, even if we only mention them at the bottom, Like –Hello to all my fish readers!
        then they really would be surprised.
        much like the (draw asl love) group who come to my blog. Yes, I’m learing ASL, yes, I draw, and yes, I’m full of love, but for some reason I doubt that’s what they are looking for. : )

        Go Fish!! (I bet Mr. Egi Glotis likes fish too…well as long as he’s not sick…poor Mr. Epi Glotis, it sounds like when he gets sick, he REA|LLY gets sick!)

        scratches behind the ears….and a lot of snuggle and treats to you!


        • Dear my best friend Wendy,
          YOU are brrrrrriliant. Even my Human didn’t think of Greetings to all My FIsh Readers and signing off with Go Fish.
          I will tell her immediately.
          Thank you so much for the scratches. Scratches are good. Not as good as treats but they are good.
          “GO FISH”!


  4. WHOA, hold on here. WENDY IS MY NEW BEST FRIEND. YOU CHEATED but I suppose it’s fair in YOUR world. Or MAX’S world. Yes you won, however, not with dignity. Your moral friend, Laurie F. (dear Wendy, I adore you, thanks!)


    • Dear My OLD Best Friend Laurie F.
      I must stand up for my human. She only cheated in the sense that she’s been posting IMPORTANT FISH information for awhile. On many occasions she has exhorted you, among many other bloggers to write FISH posts to drive up their search numbers. As a matter of fact I clearly remember her offering you to repost HER fish posts and not even mention her name!

      No one to date, to my knowledge has taken her up on her most generous offer.
      She only said to Wendy that she “cheated” because she felt very badly that Mr. Epi Glottis was not quite as glamourous as butterfly fish and the like.

      She WENT OUT OF HER WAY to find Mr. Epi Glottis to bring your posts to life. He was not very cooperative as he is rarely seen in public.

      I do hope you find it in your heart, if not your epiglottis, to sincerely think your opinion through, and not smear my Human in a public forum.

      The Max, (I withhold my licks until I receive your reply)
      P.S My most generous Human told me to tell you that you may use Mr. Epi Glottis’ picture to enliven your blog in any way you see fit.


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