Fish with a TRANSPARENT HEAD!!!!!!!!!! (No Relation to Laurie F)

WOW! just received this INCREDIBLE, FASCINATING, only-a-mother-could-love look at the rare Barrel-Eyed Fish (and possible search engine pay dirt) from Laurie Fessler of the world infamous Epiglottis Episode:
“Since you cheated anyway (LOL) I thought I might send this to you…because really, who else would be interested?!  Love, Laurie F.”


Hi Judith,
Laurie Fessler commented on her Wall post.
Laurie wrote:

  • you have sunk to a new low to get visits on your blog!!!!!!

  • even the acquarium critters are all talking about you down under. You have done fish a disservice, they are calling for a FISHCOTT.”

6 comments on “Fish with a TRANSPARENT HEAD!!!!!!!!!! (No Relation to Laurie F)

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  3. When we wintersit the koi in the fish pond, I won’t be able to look at them quite the same after this video. I’m not going to share it with them; their heads are pretty solid right now, but if they thought transparent was trendy, well you never know with those coy koi.


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