Live and Let Liver – Dr Oz Knows

My mind is a sponge
It craves the dopamine high
mops up sugar, yum
My mouth is a sponge
soaks up the tasty junk food
Each morsel and crumb
Liver is a sponge
mops up all carbohydrates
I am a bit dumb

Signs of addiction:  Constant cravings; Eating bowls of ice cream so that the amount of  fudge sauce evenly lasts before the ice cream is gone; Quickly devouring the entire bag of candy in the car so no one will see;  Making sure there’s no chocolate on your breath; Feeling guilty; Waking up every morning with determination that this day you will NOT eat sugar and carbohydrates.

I’ve known for years that I get the same neurochemical “high” from sugar and unrefined carbohydrates that a drug addict gets from drugs.  Research has confirmed what I’ve long suspected.  What I didn’t know is that my liver is suffering.   Click here to hear what Dr. Oz has to say:

P.S.  Does anyone think that picture reminds them of chocolate sauce on top of strawberry ice cream, a banana and pink whipped cream?

10 comments on “Live and Let Liver – Dr Oz Knows

  1. Hi Judy, Picture reminds me about my already restricted eating habits.. loved to take all that was sugary sweet…but then a little warning from my heart…skipped a few beats…decided to control to keep levels of Sugar as well as Cholestrol with in controllable limits.. somehow want to be nice to my lever too… we have been good friends and this picture by you will help me go for a stronger resolve.. Thanks Judy!!


  2. LOL!! I am a bit dumb too!! 😀 and I did check on the picture twice and you are right it did remind me of you know what 😉 Cannot take my eyes of it now 😀 Soaking it all in like a sponge!!

    Brilliant Judith!!


  3. Sigh…you HAD to ask about the image looking like a gooey treat…forever ingrained in my mind now ! Great spot on that one and loved your take on the prompt “sponge”.
    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine


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