Incredible! Cuttle up to a Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish getting ready to camouflage to Green Seaweed

“I am in awe of you, you even got NPR on your project. I am bowing down to you in admiration. Is there no end to your powerful influence???!!!! I think not. Love and Cuddlefish (Hugs) your friend, Laurie F.”

Dear Laurie F.  This is the best FISH post ever!  

Make sure you see the video below!

Even his antennae mimic the seaweed!


“He’s a little odd-looking, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this animal. A relative of the octopus and the squid, cuttlefish have tentacles, squishy bodies, no bones and a remarkable talent for mime. Place this guy next to a plastic underwater “plant,” and in no time, he will assume the guise of his neighbor. He will pucker his skin, splay his body, hold his tentacles, and adjust his coloration in a Marcel Marceau-like attempt to blend in. Cuttlefish can hold an attitude for 20 minutes or so. Like so:”

“They are so good at this, in part because they don’t have bones, but also because they’ve got big brains and a distributed intelligence that allows them to pucker, stretch and sculpt themselves in ways we can’t even remotely copy. Our skin? We do goose bumps. They choose these attitudes. This is their art. Next to them, we’re pathetic. When I was at ABC News, I got marine biologist Roger Hanlon to introduce me to one of his lab cuttlefish, who matter-of-factly disappeared before my eyes. Or tried to.”


7 comments on “Incredible! Cuttle up to a Cuttlefish

  1. These “fish” are really cool. They disappear! A chameleon has nothing on them!

    Drat! Sometimes I really want to disappear…perhaps I should have been a cuttlefish…but I think I’d rather be a cuddle fish!

    : )

    Well, Laurie hibernating, and being over come by forced home remodeling PTSD…so losing it, I wouldn’t blame her. But don’t think so not yet.

    You, my friend, have more influence than you think. But Laurie and I know…and we’re keeping an eye on you.
    You’ve started the fish craze…what’s next?

    BTW, is fish still your number one search word?

    On Picnic with Ants, my number 1 word search is right (Meniere’s Disease)
    but #3 is Don’t Judge Me, and #6 is Applesauce! applesauce? I can’t even eat apples, when did I mention applesauce? for 45 hits? perhaps you should mention applesauce a bit more.

    On Create To Heal – #1 is Draw ASL Love…but one of the search phrases is Monkey Head for Nightstand…..hahahaha…I can’t believe anyone would search for that. Or why my blog would pop up! I have drawn a monkey, and things on my nightstand…perhaps? but really?

    So what’s the strangest search word/phrase you’ve gotten hit’s from?
    think I’ll write a post about it. Strange word searches that have lead to my blog, and the strange spam I get.
    I must be getting popular, I’m getting more spam every day.

    Go Fish!


    • Wendy!!!!!
      Applesauce, fish and epiglottis — 6 degrees from separation! Oh my gosh, it’s fate.
      xxxxxxx J.
      If you are keeping an eye on me it must be a FISH EYE . . .
      P.S. We should all do a round robin post on strange hits. I’ll take a look at my strangest and let you know.


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