What on earth is a SOUTHERN Tamandua?

Wendy http://picnicwithants.wordpress.com asked me what the most unusual search engine word that landed on my blog was.  

That very day southern tamandua bones appeared.

Having NO idea what a tamandua was, much less one from the south, I took a chance and googled hoping it wasn’t a porn site looking for  . . .

Anybody have a clue?

(The first surprising thing I found was that some people keep them as PETS!  They are smart, affectionate, get along with other animals and dribble pee which smells pretty bad. . . .)

“The southern tamandua has an elongated snout and is covered by creamy yellow-brown fur. Tamaduas in the southeastern part of their range have a black patch resembling a vest that curves around the mammal’s front limbs, over its shoulders and onto its back and sides. These mammals have four sharply clawed digits on their front limbs and five digits on their back limbs.
Tamanduas grow to lengths of 21 to 35 inches, with tails of up to 16 inches. The generally weigh between 7 and 19 pounds. (A PERFECT size to keep in the house)

Their diet consists of ants, termites, and bees. (PERFECT!  Talk about going GREEN – never have to use chemicals or have an exterminator)  They use their strong forelimbs to tear apart insect nests (Not so PERFECT) and then scoop up insects with their long rounded tongues” (But at least you don’t have to leave your house, as is a must, when tented for termites)

From: http://www.livingwithanteaters.com/p/anteater-faq.html

I remembered a previous post that must have triggered the word search hit:https://judithwesterfield.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/t-is-for-tongue-your-miracle-muscle/


If you want one for a pet take a look here: src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/XLGcgOyy3OM” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

11 comments on “What on earth is a SOUTHERN Tamandua?

  1. but you keep forgetting about the foul smelling pee they dribble.
    Unfortunately, our dear Sandy has bladder cancer, so we are already dealing with too much pee in unwanted places….I can’t imagine having a pet that dribbles it…could it possibly smell worse than cat pee? but at least he uses the little box!

    that is a very funny word search finding you.

    beat mine!


    • Oh Wendy,
      I’m so sorry about Sandy. Is there anything that can be done and I hope there’s no pain.
      On the blog link at the bottom of the post the woman who has pet Anteaters said that the “dribble” isn’t too bad (she’s probably acclimated) BUT their regular urine smells like SKUNK! It would probably be easier to get a pet skunk who was “deskunked” I don’t think skunk pee smells like Anteater or skunk. And I hear they make cuddly pets.

      Now that you’ve challenged me to discover the strangest word searches I’ll be on the look-out! (You may have created a monster)


  2. Termite eater?? NOW I find out about this adorable little creature. Could have saved me thousands and thousands of dollars. Ants, termites and bees, this darling creature with such a sweet face could have saved my whole house. I think I’m in love. Laurie F.


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