Perfect Rainy Day for Celeste Cooper (and my bug)

Not a lot of people believe me when I tell them I wait for rain to wash my car.  I pull it into the driveway and when it’s wet enough I sponge it off, pull it into the garage and dry! Lickety split.  It’s raining right now in sunny southern California.

*Celeste, lives, works and writes in sunny Arizona where, when the rain falls, lightening booms.  I thought about Celeste today because both her poem and prose speak of rain.

Celeste Cooper

I Am But a Visitor Here©

by Celeste Cooper

I fondle the threadbare cloth, as I don the table,
Honoring the calls of nature, thankful I’m able.

The evening mist whispers,” Listen, hear my name,”
Interrupted by thunder, earth trembles, making its claim.

Learned chipmunks frolicking, hurry, to tidy their throne,
Drumming rain upon an awning, nature sways to the tone.

Hummingbirds arguing, swooping the found red feeder,
Obliviously provoking, rejecting, “who is their leader?”

Merely hobos we are, here, the land inborn by time,
Crickets melodically join in song, all claiming it’s mine.

Lightning enlightening the sense of my presence here,
Nature’s orchestra, the teacher, those willing to hear.

Strings strumming from the river, float up as a gift,
Deer blindly oversee meadows against the cliff.

Portly pine bellowing scent, permeating the park,
Nature quiets its soul, timidly soothed by the dark.

Flames speak, stimulating thoughts that are clear,
The campfire is laughing, “You are temporarily here.”

Brazen promise seen through the bifocals of time,
This inheritance, nature summons, proclaiming its mine.

Enchanted by this instruction, the beauty, I endear
The fact of the matter, “I am but a visitor here.”

Every Day a Gift ©

“I will meet each day with a grateful heart. It is through admission that I am able to have positive expectations. I accept the reality of temptations that could deconstruct my day. I understand that as the sun meets the rain, the rising up of peace will meet my pain. I am mindful of thought blocks and keep expectations in line with my reality. I will honestly greet positive with paper and affirm each day as a blessing not to be wasted.”
*Celeste Cooper, author, Integrative Therapies for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Myofascial Pain: the Mind-Body Connection (co-author, Jeff Miller, PhD)
Celeste is a retired advanced trained registered nurse.  She cared  and mentored others, and practiced as a clinical educator who wrote and implemented continuing education programs.
She has experienced personal struggles trials, setbacks, and successes as the result of illness, which brought her ambitions to an abrupt halt.
Celeste advocates for education, change, awareness, and research, and her goal is to share ways to overcome obstacles and turn “road blocks” into a “road trip” full of opportunities.
Find LOTS of good information about Fibro, CFS and Myofascial pain, her book (and tips for journaling as A Way to Connect Your Body-Mind-Spirit) on Celeste’s web-site –
Time to wash the car before the rain stops.

Wear sunglasses in the rain, never know when the sun will come out!

 SEE! A perfect day for car washing and Celeste’s wonderful poem and prose.  Whata combination . . .

2 comments on “Perfect Rainy Day for Celeste Cooper (and my bug)

  1. I love that you wash your car in the rain. We used to live in Palm Springs, and could see doing it there. Hate to admit it, but our cars don’t get washed very often. In NC when it rains, it’s usually not very nice to be outside. But when they do get washed it’s at a place that recycles the water. : )

    I have a bug too! Mine’s a 2008 yellow convertible. I just got it earlier this year. I’ve been trying to keep it clean with a microfiber cloth I keep in the car, every smudge I try to get off quick. (well, I tried, until I got too sick…now I wonder if I’ll drive her again.)

    Posted about you on my blog.
    Hope you like it.


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