Therapeutic Creative Expression – Jumbo Journals, Week 6

The journal process is a metaphor for layers and layers of experiences, feelings and thoughts of our lives; Some things covered up;  Bits and pieces of others showing through;  Each layer enriching the next; Forever creating who we are.

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The pages are layered more and more with stacked writing, collage, spontaneous poetry, faux sketching, paint, stencils, torn paper, tissue paper, magazine images, words, tissue paper, stenciling, markers, foil, torn paper, cut paper, scribbles, scratches, doodles and all things creative.

(The colors in the slides are not as rich and deep as the originals — I’m having trouble with iphoto)

6 comments on “Therapeutic Creative Expression – Jumbo Journals, Week 6

      • Still wish I could be there to take one of your workshops! If I’d only known about you when I lived in Palm Springs! : )

        Oh, yeah, I could be the judge of that!!

        and all this talk about these drinks has really made me want Tootsie Rolls!



          • I have to admit I haven’t had them in a while. But they are like crack to me. I can just eat and eat and eat them.
            I doubt I could eat them now. With the fructose intolerance…perhaps that’s why I couldn’t stop eating them.
            trying hard to figure out all of what I can, and cannot eat. one day at a time.

            hope you did get a bad batch..the horrors of being disappointed in a tootsie roll.


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