It’s a Horse Race Out There! “Naked Mole Rat” the newest thoroughbred?

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Photograph courtesy of NGT

Welcome folks to the Search Word Sweepstakes. It’s a fine day here in Cyberland, home of the Blog Search Word Race of Champions.  We’ve got  an incredible group of thoroughbreds.  

Wait!  I just got word that  “Epiglottis” scratched at the last moment.  No definitive word just yet but “Epi” is known to choke at the last moment.

Let’s take a look at our newest little filly “Naked
Mole Rat” and her breeding  background:

A Naked Mole Rat is neither a mole nor a rat. (She’s a rodent in rat race clothing). These pinkish, bald rodents spend their entire lives in virtually complete darkness, (if I looked like that I’d spend my life in complete darkness too)  weaving their way through an underground network of burrows and tunnels. Within their dark universe, they’ve evolved a rigid society that has more in common with ants or bees (Talk about identity crisis) than with a typical mammalian social circle. At the top is a long, strong (sexy) queen. As long as she lives, she and a few chosen boy toys (Boy toys stay around because they can’t see her either) are the only ones that breed. The queen keeps the rest from mating by sheer intimidation (Not only long, strong, sexy, ugly, she’s not nice – a sure winning combination). Some mole rats are drafted as soldiers to protect the colony from rival mole rats and predators. Other mole rats tend to the young, clean burrows, dig tunnels and look for food.  (No need for a fancy hairdo’s for that kind of life.) Their giant incisors are actually outside their mouths, so the mole rats can shovel away without eating dirt (there’s more than enough dirt with a queen like that) Though nearly blind, (see, I told you that’s why the boy toys stay) special hairs on their body help guide them and tell them where they are going. (kinky)

Now, let’s go to the track! (pun intended)

All the word racers are lined up at the gate.  There’s the bell!  

aaaaaaaaand they’re OFF!

Christine LaGarde Nude”, is moving up on the right, passing “Why Best Friends are like Bras”, aaaaaand she’s gaining on “Fish”, who is running neck and neck – or should I say fin on fin – with “Fish with Eyespots”.  . . .  but wait!  Here comes the new filly – or should I say rat. . .  er mole . . . er rodent  . .

. . . will “Naked Mole Rat be a  contender  . . . . . . .

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