Good Question: can u tattoo over a fish?

Epiglottis has sunk to the bottom of word searches on my blog, fish & butterfly fish are still at the top

BUT THE STRANGEST word search last week was: can u tattoo over a fish!!!!!

Now you know I couldn’t leave that one alone.  So I googled “can u tattoo over a fish”.

 (never did find the link to this blog in the word search?)

I hope you are sitting down to see what I learned.

And if you don’t want to take the time to read/view what I learned  this “head shot” sums it all up

Heres what is #1 when I googled “can u tattoo over a fish”


“At Steve’s Wonderful World of Pets in Williamsville, N.Y., owner Steve Lane is selling tattooed fish for the first time. Some have polka dots, some have stripes and others even have pink hearts.
The fish are imported from Singapore. Lane believes they have to be restrained and then tattooed with a tattoo gun.
Lane believes the tattooed fish just might develop a love of the hobby for some people.
“My hope is if it gets more people into the hobby it’s a good thing. If a kid comes in and sees a fish with a heart on it and says I want a fish tank and learns how to care for it, I think it’s a win,” says Lane.”


“All of 47 pages full of special Koi fish tattoo information and indeed, this tattoo is very special. Its history is long and eventful. It is just the kind of lore to fantasize on, whenever you see the tattoo on your body. Even though many men will say they are not sentimental, that is because they have not worn this tattoo yet.
It invokes a feeling of power, of honor and strength. If you know the history of Koi the warrior, you will never back down in the face of any challenge. The 47-page guide may sound like too much, but if you are like me, you will not want to stop reading and mulling over fabulous tattoo details once you get it.

And if you hurry you will get it free, download and read and then go to your favorite tattoo artist.”


P.S.  Before you get your tattoo I’d advise reviewing #1

6 comments on “Good Question: can u tattoo over a fish?

    • Mo,
      I didn’t know what to say either and when YOU and I are speechless that’s SAYS something right there! Did you pick out your tattoo?
      I’m leaning toward a skull and cross-bone on my buttocks. Scary image . .. it would be a BIG skull


  1. Touche. Who could beat that?! Who would want to? Fish………never have seen the words used together before in my life. Die Eppiglottitis, die. Love, Laurie F. p.s. have to admit those tattoed fish look adorable but imagine the pain on their small little bodies.Or is it just ink? I think it’s something we should look into……Love, Laurie F.


    • Laurie,
      I keep thinking it CAN’T be a real tattoo on the fish. How do you tattoo a fish above water without it dying and how do you tattoo a fish underwater without getting electrocuted? Something is weird – and for once it’s not us.


  2. Appears something interesting.. In India Tatoo hasn’t yet caught up with the facy of a common man…. and Judy..I thought of Ant… this Friday thinking of bringing her back.. you gave me the idea.. : ) God bless!!!!


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