Mr Notgoodenuf Shows His Face

Mr Notgoodenuf

Bloodshot eyes, green nose

Don’t let him step on your toes 

It hurts, heaven knows

On the tutorial page (which I will be redoing to make it more “user friendly”) there is an exercise on drawing your own inner critic.  Here’s a fantabulous picture that Wendy Holcomb drew of her inner critic, Mr Notgoodenuf, which I “stole” from her blog . . .CreateToHeal

Wendy has Meniere’s Disease (among many other things) and is having major surgery to help her vertigo GO. It’s on December 1st.  She had the same surgery on her other ear and it helped so keep your toes crossed.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for

a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Read about Meniere’s Disease, Wendy and her upcoming surgery on

Picnic with Ants.

P.S. To Wendy:  Don’t do Mr Goodenough in!  He might be there to help you but he’s just been doing it in the wrong way.  Talk to him and let him know how he can be helpful and maybe he’ll change his name!  I see it happening every day!  Anyone that colorful has potential.

12 comments on “Mr Notgoodenuf Shows His Face

  1. Thank You so much to everyone!
    I am humbled.
    Surgery is tomorrow at 2pm.
    As soon as I’m up to it…maybe tomorrow night…maybe not….I’ll let everyone know how it’s going. (with probably way too many details….I’m known for that right?)

    love to you all!!


    • Dear My Best Friend Wendy,
      I just want you to know that I’ve adopted you as another of my Humans. Just because you can’t come and live with me because my Humans might get jealous (also your diet is so restrictive I don’t know what I would feed you. But if you ate with me you would lose a LOT of weight because my Human’s who live with me are extremely stingy and I am very hungry all the time for food. I prefer treats and I would share my treats with you. They are very crunchy.) doesn’t mean that you can’t be my Human too.

      You tell those doctors to make your ringey thingey go away. I would tell them myself but I don’t have their e-mail address.
      I love you and send you many LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL’s that will make you laugh and smile. I tend to do that to Humans when I lick them. Strange creatures, Humans. Sorry, I forget you are one.


      • Oh my dear Max.
        I am so honored to be considered one of your humans!!

        I bet you would like some of the things I can eat…Meat is a big one! (I still can’t believe I used to be a vegetarian, thought I was being so healthy, and I was just making myself sick…but enough about my human issues) However, I could lose a few pounds, perhaps I need your human’s help.

        I will be sure to tell my doctor what you said….if he doesn’t listen I’ll send you his email address!

        You make me smile and laugh even though your LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLs are over cyber space. Thank you my dear doggie friend.

        Sandy, said to make sure you know, she will be looking out for me too, and will even allow the cat to help out. Be assured, I’m in good hands….uh…paws.

        (if I was there, I’d sneak you extra treats!…shhhh, don’t tell anyone.)
        happy squeezes.


  2. Thanks for posting about Wendy’s blog and her upcoming surgery.
    I can’t imagine going through what she’s gone through.
    Sounds like she’s in good hands. I went on her blog
    and told her she would be in my thoughts and prayers.



  3. You made me cry.
    Thank you so much for caring so much.
    I’m speechless. (I know, I can hear your thoughts right now…”you speechless? cannot be!”

    Well perhaps for a moment….but really tears are running down my face.

    I loved doing Mr. Notgoodenuf. and I think he’s understanding that he needs to be more supportive…but lately he’s been slipping back to his old ways.
    For example, I haven’t been able to post on Create To Heal lately…and he’s just fussing about that. I haven’t created every day, or I’ve created stuff I wouldn’t show anyone, not that’s it’s bad, but it’s personal….just sketches for perhaps future things, perhaps just emotions coming out.
    So he has been yelling at me…that I’m doing it wrong. That I’m not well enough to keep up….ect.

    Then I worked on a self portrait the other day, and I now think it looks nothing like me….He really liked that one…but did pat me on the back, and reminded me that I haven’t drawn a portrait in a long time…to give myself a break, and look back at some of my older work and get inspired…..Wow! I didn’t even know he could say things like that!

    Thank you for this my friend.
    I’ve been using your CD’s a lot. The Body and Love CD’s are awesome!
    I wanted to ask….if I wanted to buy some more, could you send me them in mp3 format? Then I could listen to them easier on my computer, or iPod. (I have to connect them to my hearing aid, and CD’s don’t play very well in my computer lately for some reason. DVD’s do fine, but CD’s don’t. So Stuart ripped them for me. : )
    Just thought it would be cheaper, you wouldn’t have to mail them, and we’d have less waste, because I’d rip them anyway.

    Let me know. BTW, my therapist loves them, and that they help me when I’m having vertigo. Or the anxiety I feel sometimes (often) when I feel like I might have an attack…ummm since they are out of the blue, that happens more than I’d like to think about.

    see…not speechless.
    Thank you again my friend!
    my heart is warm.



    • Wendy,
      THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for being speechless! You can be speechless on my blog ANYTIME.

      I am working on getting the CD’s on MP3 format and hope to have them up and working in a week or two . . .
      Keep talking to Mr Notgoodenuf — I have a good feeling he can be trained to be Mr Goodenuf. Who know he might even become Mr Greatenuf!

      You are so wonderful for taking your time to say such kind words. Feels good. In my “business” the moment someone feels ok I never see them again and rarely get feedback. So when I do I admit I smile with gratitude.
      with love,


      • Dear Wendy: loved your Mr. Notgoodenough, he’s really beautiful!
        How did you get on with your surgery? I’m rooting for you from Buenos Aires, Argentina, because I’m a coleague of your therapist’s and read her blog where she showed us your drawing. I also have a client who had Meniere’s Desease and it is a mayor nuisance! She hasn’t been operated on, nor has it been suggested. I’m wondering what they did for you? When you’re up to it, could you give me a briefing? I’d love to let my client know about other options. My email is
        I’m sure Mr. Goodenough sometimes has some bad days and he gets a little irritable; he just needs some kind acceptance of his ways and he’ll come to learn how good that feels and come back to his more charitable ways. He really has a lovely face, full of vitality and joy only he looks as if he’s in the middle of a hangover! He reminds me a little of Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton).
        A big hug from the American Down Under (we’re at the bottom of the continent), Helen


        • Helen,
          I also forwarded your comment to Wendy. Wendy’s blog is where you can see her updates on her condition and progress with the surgery.
          I’m not her therapist, just an admirer of her incredible courage, talent and remarkable positive outlook despite all she’s been through.

          You are an incredibly compassionate woman Helen, to take the time to write and affirm both Wendy and Mr GOODenough! I can envision him wagging his tongue in agreement and delight.


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