Sneak Preview of What You COULD Get from JudyClaus & Dave’s Most Marvelous Birthday Adventure

What are the odds!!!?  Got on the Metrolink train this morning for an hours ride into Los Angeles for my husband Dave’s Most Marvelous Birthday Adventure.  It was the last train out this morning and we sat in a car with only one other person, an incredibly personable young man on his way to work.

When I said this was my husband’s birthday trip the young man jumped up, held his hand out to shake and said “It’s my birthday Too!”  

Born on the same day! – Separated by a few decades.  What ARE the odds?

Take a look at Dave’s Most Marvelous Birthday Adventure:

(Pictures are not retouched.  The sky was that color, the temperature in the low 70’s.)

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  1. Took the Metrolink train to Union Station in Los Angeles
  2. Walked across the the street to Olvera Street – a historical Mexican “Alley” – where you can purchase AMAZING treasures
  3. Ate deeeeeeeeeelicious French Dipped Sandwiches at Philippes
  4. Walked over to China Town, where you can FIND EVERYTHING YOU CAN’T find at Alvera Street.

P.S. Besides the touristy pictures the other pictures are what I want to give to my friends for holidays . . . Are they lucky or what!?

Guess which one I picked especially for YOU?

11 thoughts on “Sneak Preview of What You COULD Get from JudyClaus & Dave’s Most Marvelous Birthday Adventure

  1. looks like Dave had a fantastic birthday. I’m sure that the special folks who will get one of your wonderful photos will be very happy and hono(u)red. You are a marvelous photographer!


  2. Happy Birthday, David!! You share Dec. birthdays with many wonderful individuals. You are an awesome guy and I wish you many more happy birthdays. I think Judy sent me the birthday photo as those have been special times for she and I. P.S. Have happy holidays too.


  3. Happy Birthday to hubby!!

    I know exactly what you wanted to give me out of those pictures.

    The wonderful memories of living in CA in the winter!
    (I can’t complain today though, it’s 70F here today too.)

    happy holidays


    • The Mural, Blessing of the Animals is on a building just before the entrance to Olvera street. During Christmas this is an annual ritual. People bring animals (goats, chickens, dogs, birds, pigs . . .) and they receive a blessing, sometimes from Cardinal Mahoney.
      “The tradition goes back 81 years in Los Angeles but is rooted in an ancient ritual of thanks for beasts of burden. San Antonio de Abad, the patron saint of the animal kingdom, is credited with starting the tradition in the 4th century.
      “In those days, masters were hoping for divine assistance with their animals’ fertility and health.”


  4. Happy Birthday Dave!

    What fun! Love all your pictures. Your really a good photographer. Especially liked
    the ones of the Cactus and the handicrafts. I used to always have a pair of Huarache Sandal, for decades. Would buy them there. I haven’t see the station after it was remodeled.
    We used take, (then Amtrak) into central and go to the Art Studio Lofts, and end up in Little Tokyo.
    Thanks for sharing. Looks like Daves having fun.


  5. What a delight, Judy!!! Lovely pictures… befitting.. Belated Birthday wishes to Dave…and a great coincidence.. it reminded me one thing.. years ago I had gone to wish a friend in his office who shared birthday with me.. when we exchanged greetings.. a new colleague of his who was the only other person in office.. got up and said.. hey .. wish me too… oh that was real fun.. I can imagine the joy of experiencing such a moment….thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure… RS: )


  6. Hi Judy, Today is my Son Ryan’s Birthday also (12-21-1978) He turned 33 today.
    and my birthday was Sat. 12-17-?? and I just turned 30 !!! Yeah right !!! I can
    dream can’t I. Pictures are awesome (looks like you have a very good camera)
    Olvera Street was where I had my very first Taco when I was 12 years old. YuMMMM…
    Sounds like you both had a great day… Happy Birthday to Dave, from Doug and I.


    • Chris,
      How lovely to get your comment!
      Nikon CoolPix from Costco — It does all the work – I point and shoot. I probably should figure out the settings! Actually I have figured them out several times . . .
      Happy Holidays!


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