Do Your Tears Dilute Pain?

As I read Ramesh’s poem, I reflected on my own experience with tears.  Tears for me do dilute pain.  Tears also signal truth.  

My first experience of tears and truth was when I was in therapy over 30 years ago.  Whenever my therapist made a comment that was a truth I hadn’t consciously known or acknowledged I would unexpectedly, spontaneously burst into tears.   Tears that welled from the core of my being.

To this day, tears are a barometer of both my pain and my truth.   Perhaps my pain and truth are one in the same?

by Ramesh Sood

White sheet of paper
And the poet in me 
Got tempted
As the thoughts 
From the heart
Started flowing,
I scribbled
“Presence of pain 
In my heart doesn’t mean 
I am not happy……”
Suddenly, a lump in throat 
And a tear from the eye
Rolled out and fell 
On the paper
The word ‘Pain ’ got
Scattered and diluted 
. . .      . . .
And hey, haven’t I

Found a truth here:
Tears indeed dilute pain…

Thank you Ramesh for a beautiful and thought-provoking poem,

11 comments on “Do Your Tears Dilute Pain?

  1. Tears do occur at different times for me, always seem to be a cleanse, release or both. I believe that tears are a part of who we are as much as laughter is. I hope I have many other occasions to experience both! The poem was a wonderful expression of that.


    • Linda,
      I agree, tears are indeed a human condition. I am fascinated by all the responses and experiences. Thanks for mentioning laughter I had forgotten that tears and laughter sometimes go hand in hand.. .or should I say mouth to eye?


  2. I read a recent quote on an ADD site that went something like:
    “We don’t quote because we’re weak, we cry because we’ve been strong for too long.” Sometimes I know I cry for this reason. It seems like I’ve been holding up the weight of the world for days on end, and it just seems like it’s too much, and the tears just flow as a release from it all. I think those of us with ADD have that reaction a lot. This is a lovely chain on this blog, Judy. Thanks!


  3. My tears, in times of great sadness, have alleviated emotional pain. I need to let my feelings out and if I cry, after I am done I feel better. I don’t think I cry with physical pain and if I do, I don’t notice relief afterwards. But, next time it happens I will watch and see. Laurie F.


  4. this is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

    I am quick to cry, and yes, I do believe it can dilute pain.

    However, as mentioned, tears pop up under all sorts of occasions.
    when my heart swells with happiness, when I feel sorrow for someone else, when I laugh too hard. when I’m in pain (in many ways)…..
    tears…sometimes they come when I don’t understand why…but they are a big part of my life.


  5. I came for my regular visit here.. and lo, reading this my eyes welled… a tear of joy..rolled out.. hey Judy.. another truth.. tears stem from the added joy too or is it that sometimes they add to the joy…for a smile or a hearty laughter follows them…. Thanks Judy … : )


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