Recycling Resolves Resolutions

It’s a problem for me to come up with resolutions every year.  I lead a pretty good life, I re-cycle paper products & plastic.  I exercise fairly regularly.  I’m kind to most people and all animals.

2012 I’m resolving to bring more creativity into my daily life.  SO!  I registered for Journal Art & Memory Keeping with Effy Wild to create a visual journal page daily.  NO FEE, NO pressure. I am not holding myself to HAVING to do it every day.

First step: You are to pick one word to focus on as the “theme” for the daily pages.  I’ve picked LOVE.  

Second step: Find an old book or journal and create the cover.

 I decided to re-cycle an old partially used journal for this project.  That way I didn’t have to take time to create a journal cover.  Although the picture didn’t photo very well you can see it’s generic enough for love.

Re-cycled Journal Cover

I did pretty good at keeping my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s good to look back and feel a sense of accomplishment.

2011 I resolved to:

  1. Loose weight. I lost weight several times.
  2. Take better care of myself. I got my hair cut regularly and took showers.
  3. Stay on top of my billing and expense accounts.  I got on top of the first 7 months last month and my expense records are neatly thrown in a box and maybe other places.
  4. Eat healthier. Everytime I ate candy or cookies or ice cream I’ve washed it down with nuts (protein)
  5. Keep my desk organized. I’ve organized it several times a month (well, maybe every other month . . . or so
  6. Make How -To -Videos for this blog. I’ve thought about them A LOT.
  7. Re-cycle and cut down on waste.  I put ALL paper & plastic into the re-cycle bin, composted, and turned off the water when I brushed my teeth.

All in all 2011 was a pretty good year for resolutions, wouldn’t you say?

I think I will keep these same 7 resolutions all over again for 2012.

Maybe instead of “love” I should pick “re-cycle”?

8 comments on “Recycling Resolves Resolutions

  1. I signed up for the Journal Art and Memory Keeping workshop too!
    Thanks for pointing the way to it!

    My resolutions last year – the short version:
    1 -Get Healthier.
    2 -Stop being so wasteful.
    3 -Don’t buy anything new.
    4 -Make more time for our friends and family.

    1 – for a while there I was healthier…then I relapsed, and have been trying, but most of it was out of my control. I do seem to be getting better from the surgery…fingers crossed!
    2 – We have tried hard not to be wasteful. We had a bad habit of letting food go bad before it was all eaten…we’ve worked hard on that and think we’ve done a good job.
    3 – Don’t buy anything new…we did pretty well. We bought a few things new, but not a lot. We bought a lot at thrift stores, and used books (only if the library didn’t have it.)…I thought I didn’t do a good job at this, but looking back, we both did pretty darn good. (of course this doesn’t include food, or underwear, or necessities you simply can’t buy used.
    4 – make more time for friends and family….we did not do great with this one. Well, we had plenty of time, but I couldn’t go anywhere, and most didn’t visit us. So we had some visits, but not a lot.

    this year…learn ASL (signed up for a class that begins the 26th.)
    get this fructose intolerance under control, so I can take off some of this weight.
    find a way to exercise that doesn’t move my head a lot. (think I’m going to try Tai Chi.
    Keep up buying used.
    We also buy our food local and organic if possible. From ethical and sustainable farms. We want to keep this up,and visit more of the farms.

    Mostly this year, I’m acknowledging that it’s hard for me to make plans…things can change in a moment with my illness. So I’m keeping it light.

    Keep up the good work!!


  2. Judy,
    Me thinks if you just did some of those things some of the time, you did good:)

    I never did make n.y. resolutions, but when I used to be Catholic….many decades ago,
    I used to give things up for Lent, things I thought would be easy to give up. I don’t think there’s such a thing, because it didn’t work. That’s kind of a mini n.y. res?:)


  3. You couldn’t have picked a better word. LOVE is so perfect for you– you give of it so freely, you make us feel loved, and we all LOVE YOU. It is absolutely true. You are a LOVE and a present to the world. I feel blessed just to have gotten to know YOU. LOVE YOU, LAURIE F.


      • Lauri F. has put it so clearly….Judy.. I am one among the blessed ones…. doesn’t matter let tears of happiness shine … like pearls… God bless you… My resolution.. to learn to live more in present because that is where I breath.. that’s where my heart beats…. Thanks You Judy.. for choosing to be what you are… I am alos thankful to E and A who brought me in contact with you…. Judy see if you can email me your postal address.. will like to send you my book.. A Little More Than Ordinary.. created in 2002 but not commercialised..

        RS : )


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