Journal Page, Book of Days – Love #1

The human heart beats 100,000 times a day, propelling six quarts of blood through 60,000 miles (97,000 kilometers) of vessels—20 times the distance across the U.S. from coast to coast. The blood flows briskly, surging out of a ten-ounce (0.3 kilograms) heart so forcefully that large arteries, when severed, can send a jet of blood several feet into the air.  (Wikipedia)

I used a copy of  the picture I posted for my pacemaker surgery as a starting point for my first journal page on Love.  At the time I wasn’t sure why. After I finished the journal page this is what came to me in


Coming straight from God
a mechanical heart beat
radiating love

Love #1 Journal Page


It’s not always easy to follow your heart. But for human babies and their mothers, following each other’s hearts may be as simple as sharing a smile. A new study shows that 3-month-old infants and their mothers can synchronize their heartbeats to mere milliseconds.

Researchers sat 40 pairs of mothers and infants face-to-face, equipped with sticky skin electrodes on either side of their hearts. Beat for beat, mother-and-child hearts thumped together almost instantly

as they shared loving looks or contented coos.

This cardiac coupling worked only for moms with their own babies, and only when the duos synchronized smiles and other cheerful social behaviors, researchers report in this month’s issue of Infant Behavior and Development.

When humans mirror each other’s facial expressions, they may switch on specific areas in the brain that tell the heart when to thump, the researchers suspect. 

6 comments on “Journal Page, Book of Days – Love #1

  1. Judy and Max … I have nominated you for The Candlelighter Award.
    You can find more information about the award, started by Kate Kresse at Believe Anyway. All you have to do is receive the award, copy and paste The Candlelighter Award photo from my site to yours. Once you have done that, you can then pass the award along to others.


    • Dear all of you wonderful commenters!
      I may not respond to everyone’s comment every time as I’m trying to figure out how to better “pace” myself. (My tempo was much too fast last year.) Please know that I read EVERY SINGLE ONE! (As a matter of fact they can’t get posted unless I read and approve.)

      Please don’t stop. I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS and

      almost 1/2 of all this blog’s subscribers subscribe to the comments.


  2. Judy, your very brave. You get through it
    with this wonderful sense of humor.

    Well, here’s to you. My first Haiku’s ever, inspired by you and Tallulah:)

    Tallulah is here
    She beats to G.M.T time
    In the right rhythm

    Our Judy’s new friend
    Tallula, friend forever
    Forever her friend

    You have to follow
    Tallulah will show the way
    To a perfect beat



  3. I know this to be true. One of the best memories I have is after giving birth to my daughter and they placed her on my chest, i could feel our heartbeats. Its incredible!


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