Elephant & Ant – Will the Real Eleph Please Stand Up!!!

Been working on some preliminary doodle-sketches for Ramesh’s Poem about the Love Affair Between an Elephant and an Ant.

Ramesh is so creative (and wonderfully quirky) to have dreamt up a relationship between such disparate souls!  But his charming haiku and poem about this unlikely pair captured my attention and my heart.

Here’s a sample of the poetry prelude to Elephant and ANT to whet your taste for more!

Elephant & Ant
by Ramesh Sood
A little More than Ordinary . . .
PreludeBefore Ant
Before marrying his Ant

Preliminary Sketch of Rattie!

Our dear hero Elephant
Had fallen for a Female Rat
Oh, don’t ask how could be that
Shocked to see the monolith
Rattie thought it really fit
to talk before taking the bait.
So happily she agreed for a date

What’s your vote? Should Elph be Green, Blue, Orange or . . . .?


6 comments on “Elephant & Ant – Will the Real Eleph Please Stand Up!!!

  1. I was drawn to the multi-colored elephant, Bottom left…orange, red, pink…
    But is the elephant the boy or the girl…I think the boy yes? since Rattie has a bow….so perhaps green…I just love green!

    I like the drawing of the blue one the best…simple, and whimsical at the same time.

    What ever color you choose, it will be beautiful!!


  2. Oh, that’s so cute.. Rattie has come out well…. you will choose the right colour… and actually you already know it… Well I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying… for the kind of effort you are putting… God Bless!!!


  3. I like the blue, but then I wonder — what shall the colo(u)r of the ant be — that’s me; always one step ahead of myself! (Love the look all all the elephants, rattie, and your friend’s wonderful poem!
    A poet friend of mine is now working with an artist to develop an illustrated volume of his work. (They don’t know if it’ll be an e-book, DVD, paper book, self-publised or what. But I like the cross over of drawn and written art (and chronic illness/chronic pain) — that’s a large part of the project I hope to lanch once I get the hang of Dragon and learn how to blog, do email, and I hope comment on other folks’ blogs. (Also, there is the need to feel a bit more stable before I lead myself, let alone anyone else, done a new, untrodden (at least in my case) path.)


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