Incredible color! You can be Fearless too!

Those of you who have been following Max’s blog know that Max and I really like to share other people’s creative expression.

Every once in a while I stubble across an artist whose work inspires me.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Therese’s use of color and particularly the portraits she paints.

AND take a look at Therese’s blog  Therese Lydia Joseph — she teaches art to children and there are examples of her lessons and the children’s artwork.  And if children’s work isn’t inspiring I don’t know what is.

AND she writes poetry!  Here’s  what she wrote about this painting:
Larger than Life

Boasting lightly – vim and vigour

Destined to be bold and bigger

Better than Bliss

Blooming brightly – free and fragrant

Rich and regal – somewhat vagrant

Softer than Silk

Blushing slightly – red and rosy

Crafted to be kind and cozy

Taller than Time

Budding tightly – bloom and blossom

Never wilting – always awesome

Painting & Poetry by Therese Lydia Joseph

Now!  Go splash some color into the world!

3 thoughts on “Incredible color! You can be Fearless too!

  1. This art reminds me of some of the Hubble Telescope shots of distant nebulae (nebulum, nebuli?) and her poem captures it’s essence. Anyone assisting children in expressing themselves through art is a hero!


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