7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Dear All My Best Friends.

My best friend Phylor and My best friend Wendy have both nominated CreativitytotheMAX for some kinda award.  To accept the award I have to divulge 7 things that all my best friends don’t know about me. You might be shocked so please sit down, but not on the toilet. I don’t want you to slip and I don’t want to be responsible for more humiliating behavior than I already have to endure.

7 (or 8) Things You Don’t Know About Me
by Max
1. I am a dog
2. I often pretend I’m asleep so humans will leave me alone.  They constantly engage in scratching and stroking and petting behaviors because humans have an insatiable need for love.
3. Everyone thinks it’s cute when I howl when humans sing but the reality is their voices hurt my ears and I’ll do anything to drown out their din.
4. I prefer to eat with chopsticks but all we have in the house are knives and forks.
5. I will drink water although I prefer beer.
6.  I prefer to pee in a toilet but because I’m so short I have to sit down and when I jump up the rim is very slippery and I don’t want to get wet so I have to resort to “going” outside in public and it is humiliating even though I cover my humiliation and no one suspects.
7.  My humans are not my real parents.
8.  I follow my humans into the bathroom because I am  afraid they will slip on the rim, get wet and they will have to pee outside and then I will REALLY be humiliated.

Wendy, Phylor, That’s 8.  Does that mean I have to nominate 8?  If so please ignore #1 as the rest are all universally experienced.

I nominate a few of My Best Friends:

Rosemary, Seeking Equilibrium

, Painandspirituality

Miss Creative , Chronicallycreative

Whyteferrets Blog, Ferretrunner

Ramesh Sood, A little More than Ordinary



P.S.  Wendy & Phylor, Thank you for my award (Dog cookies would be better but I gotta take what I’m given.  Cuz it’s a Dog’s Life)

P.P.S.  My Human had her eyeball lasered this evening and insisted I post because she said she needed to convalesce.  She’s just fine but such a drama queen. (don’t tell her I said that)

7 comments on “7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Maxx, thanks for posting…you seem to have normal
    ambitions for a dog:) Still love you, even after knowing
    those things.
    Thanks for letting us know your human is fine after her surgery.


  2. I won’t tell your human about the drama queen thing — and its a good thing you follow those humans of yours in the bathroom! What would the neighbo(u)rs think if they went outside to pee — besides the basic humilation for from just that, consider the other ramifications: there might be a health inspector, a police officier, and gosh knows who all transversing your lawn! Hope they give you extra treats for protecting themselves from themselves.
    And, on point one — I kinda already guessed you might be a dog — it’s those wonderful, hansome, four-pawed hairy photos that kinda given just the slightest big of a clue. But then, I’m trying to write a mystery novel, so I’m always looking for clues!


    • should read: if they (meaning your humans) went outside to pee — didn’t mean to suggest that your neighbo(u)rs might do the same thing. Also should read: the basic humiliation for you, Max, from just that, to say nothing of/consider the other ramficiations: And, finally, I think, the “they” in I hope “they” give you extra treats for protecting themselves from themselves could refer to your humans, the neighbo(u)rs, the health inspector, the police officer or any combination of the above — hope they all give you dog treats.
      Have ordered the doggy-treat flavo(u)red and scented paper from Office Max — had to get the pun it!


  3. I’m glad you liked the award…just a little I love you from me to you.

    Chopsticks! Wow, my hubby likes to use those a lot too, I bought him a very special pair that collapse and have a special case to carry them in so he can carry his very own where ever he goes…perhaps I should send you some!

    To Judy…Please give Max an extra treat from me as a thank you for graciously accepting the award, and sharing your secrets with us.

    scratches and snuggles, but only when you are in the mood. : )
    from one of your bestest buddies,

    PS, Sandy and Max send their best! Max is upset because he has a physical next week, but he’s happy “his dog” has consented to go along for moral support. (Max does not like to go anywhere without Sandy…isn’t he silly?)


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