Running amok on Tippy Toe

The prompt for Haiku-Heights today is Tiptoe.  

My apologies in advance to ZONGRIK who suggested the prompt.

P.S.  For those of you unfamiliar with Haiku I have taken great license with the genre.  Please click on Haiku-Heights and the many bloggers with links to read the real thing!


The tip of my toe
stubbed in the middle of night
don’t hurt any mo


When toes get tipsy

You have had too much to drink

Hard to walk or think


Tiptoe around me

When I am not in the pink

or I will kick you


Dance the night away

Always on my tippy toes

Don’t step on my feet


The tip of my toe

Is like an iceberg afloat

So much more to me


Please get me in toe

before I write any mo

I’m running amok

10 thoughts on “Running amok on Tippy Toe

  1. With apologies (1st two lines) to David Crosby – I “nailed” my big toe a couple of nights ago kicking a big chunk of ice I mistook for snow;

    Almost broke my toe
    Happened the other day
    Nice colors OK now


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