Zuvys, KĘSTUTIS and Me

Time to crank up the blog searches!  Yes!  It’s time for a fish post!

If you’ve not been following CreativitytotheMAX for awhile you aren’t aware that the single largest word searches on this blog is for “fish”.  So periodically I delight in sharing my fish research with you to keep the fishy hits hitting.

Zuvys appeared in the word search count.  ZUVYS?  I was apprehensive it was X-rated, or worse.  Sounded like slang for a part of the anatomy that we can’t explore in public, or a new form of bacteria that eats the flesh eating bacteria after the flesh eating bacteria eats us. Zuvys?

Turns out it’s neither X-rated nor life-threatening.  It’s Lithuanian!

Lithuanian!!!!!  Who knew?  The Republic of Lithuania is a nation in Northern Europe. The country spans a total area of 25,174 sq miles. The population of Lithuania is over 3 million, which makes it the 133rd most populated country in the world. The per capita nominal GDP of Lithuania is $10,605. The official language is Lithuanian and the word for fish is ZUVYS.

Jurgis Zuvy

Want to see what you’d be called if you lived in Lithuania? You can call me KĘSTUTIS

Lithuanian names

ADOMAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of ADAM
AGNÉ   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of AGNES
ALDONA   f   LithuanianPolish
Meaning unknown…
ALEKSANDRAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of ALEXANDER
AMALIJA   f   LithuanianSloveneCroatian
Lithuanian, Slovene and Croatian form of AMALIA
ANDRIUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of ANDREW
ANTANAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Antonius
ARAS   m   Lithuanian
Means “eagle” in Lithuanian.
ARTŪRAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of ARTHUR
AUDRA (1)   f   Lithuanian
Means “storm” in Lithuanian.
AUGUSTAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of AUGUSTUS
AUGUSTINAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Augustinus
AUŠRA   f   Lithuanian
Means “dawn”
AUSTĖJA   f   LithuanianBaltic Mythology
Meaning unknown. This was the name of the Lithuanian goddess of bees.
ĄŽUOLAS   m   Lithuanian
Means “oak”

BRONISLOVAS   m   Lithuanian

Danute Zuvy

Lithuanian form of BRONISŁAW

DAINA   f   LithuanianLatvian
Means “song” in Lithuanian and Latvian.
DAIVA   f   Lithuanian
Created by the Lithuanian writer Vydūnas, who possibly derived it from a Sanskrit word meaning “destiny“.
DALIA (2)   f   LithuanianBaltic Mythology
Means “fate, luck” 
DANIELIUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of DANIEL
DANUTĖ   f   Lithuanian
Meaning uncertain… [more]
DARIJUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian variant of DARIUS
DARIUS   m   EnglishLithuanianBiblicalBiblical Latin
Roman form of Δαρειος (Dareios), which was the Greek form of the Persian name Dārayavahush, which was composed of the elements dârayato possess” and vahu “good”
DIANA   f   Mythology
Probably derived from an old Indo-European root meaning “heavenly, divine”
DOMINYKAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of DOMINIC
DOROTĖJA   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of DOROTHEA
DOVYDAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of DAVID
Cognate of EDITH
EGLĖ   f   Lithuanian
Means “fir tree” in Lithuanian… [more]
Cognate of HELEN, and a variant Russian transcription of YELENA.
ELŽBIETA   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of ELIZABETH
ELZĖ   f   Lithuanian
Short form of ELŽBIETA
Feminine form of Aemilius
ESTERA   f   PolishSlovakLithuanian
Polish, Slovak and Lithuanian form of ESTHER
GABIJA   f   LithuanianBaltic Mythology
Probably from Lithuanian gaubti meaning “to cover”
GABRIELĖ   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian feminine form of GABRIEL
GABRIELIUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of GABRIEL
GIEDRĖ   f   Lithuanian
Feminine form of GIEDRIUS
GIEDRIUS   m   Lithuanian
Derived from Lithuanian giedras meaning “serene, clear”.
GINTARAS   m   Lithuanian
Means “amber” in Lithuanian.
GINTARĖ   f   Lithuanian
Feminine form of GINTARAS
GVIDAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of GUIDO
HENRIKAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of HENRY
HERKUS   m   Lithuanian
Short form of HENRIKAS

Zuvy Zuvy

IEVA   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of EVE
IGNAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of IGNATIUS
ILONA   f   HungarianGermanFinnishLatvianLithuanianPolishCzech
Possibly a Hungarian form of HELEN
IRENA   f   PolishCzechSloveneCroatianSerbianDutchLithuanian
Latinate form of IRENE
JADVYGA   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of HEDWIG
JANINA   f   PolishFinnishGermanSwedishLithuanian
Latinate form of JEANNINE
JOKŪBAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of JACOB (or JAMES).
JONAS (1)   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of JOHN
JULIJA   f   SloveneCroatianLithuanian
Slovene, Croatian and Lithuanian form of JULIA
JUOZAPAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of JOSEPH
JUOZAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian short form of JOSEPH
JURGIS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of GEORGE
JUSTINA   f   EnglishSloveneCzechLithuanianLate Roman
Feminine form of Iustinus (see JUSTIN).
JUSTINAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of JUSTIN
KAMILĖ   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of CAMILLA
Feminine form of CAROLUS
KAROLIS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of CAROLUS
KATRĖ   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian diminutive of KOTRYNA

Roly Poly Zuvy

KAZIMERAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of CASIMIR
KĘSTUTIS   m   Lithuanian
Means “to cope” 
KOTRYNA   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of KATHERINE
Cognate of CHRISTINA, and a Bulgarian variant of HRISTINA.
LAIMA   f   LithuanianLatvianBaltic Mythology
Means “luck” in Latvian and Lithuanian… [more]
LEONAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of LEON
LINA (2)   f
Short form of names ending in lina.
LINAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of LINUS
LIUDVIKA   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian feminine form of LUDWIG
LIUDVIKAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of LUDWIG
German, Scandinavian and Lithuanian form of LUKE
Latinate form of MARGARET… [more]
Form of MARIA
MARIJONA   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian feminine form of MARIANUS
MARIJUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of MARIUS
MARTYNAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Martinus (see MARTIN).
MATAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of MATTHEW
MIGLĖ   f   Lithuanian
Derived from Lithuanian migla meaning “mist”.
MILDA   f   LithuanianBaltic Mythology
Meaning unknown. This was the name of the Lithuanian goddess of love.
MINDAUGAS   m   Lithuanian
Probably means either “much wisdom” or “much fame” 
MODESTAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of MODESTUS
Form of MONICA
MORTA   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of MARTHA

Butterfly Zuvy

MYKOLAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of MICHAEL
NOJUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of NOAH (1)
ONA   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of ANNA
PAULIUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of PAUL
PETRAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of PETER
PRANCIŠKUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of FRANCIS
RAIMONDAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of RAYMOND
RAMŪNAS   m   Lithuanian
Derived from Lithuanian ramus meaning “calm”.
RASA   f   Lithuanian
Means “dew” in Lithuanian.
Late Latin name meaning “queen”
ROŽĖ   f   Lith
Means “rose”
RŪTA   f   Lithuanian
Means “rue” in Lithuanian, the rue plant being a bitter medicinal herb which is a national symbol of Lithuania...
SANDRA   f  CroatianMacedonian
Short form of ALESSANDRA… [more]
SAULĖ   f   LithuanianBaltic Mythology
Means “sun” in Lithuanian. This was the name of the Lithuanian sun goddess.
SAULIUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of SAUL
SMILTĖ   f   Lithuanian
Means “sandwort” in Lithuanian, referring to flowering plants
STEPONAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of STEPHEN
SVAJONĖ   f   Lithuanian
Means “dream” in Lithuanian.
TOMAS   m   SwedishNorwegianLithuanian
Swedish, Norwegian and Lithuanian form of THOMAS
UGNĖ   f   Lithuanian
Means “fire” in Lithuanian.
URTĖ   f   Lithuanian
Possibly a Lithuanian diminutive of DOROTHY
VALDAS   m   Lithuanian
Short form of VALDEMARAS and other Lithuanian names containing the Germanic/Baltic element wald “rule”.
VALDEMARAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian cognate of WALDEMAR
VALERIJA   f   SerbianCroatianSloveneLithuanian
VERONIKA   f    LithuanianLatvian
Cognate of VERONICA
VIKTORAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of VICTOR
VIKTORIJA   f   LithuanianSloveneCroatian
Lithuanian, Slovene and Croatian form of VICTORIA (1)
VILHELMAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of WILLIAM
VILHELMINA   f   SwedishFinnishLithuanian
Swedish, Finnish and Lithuanian feminine form of WILLIAM
VILTAUTAS   m   Lithuanian
From the Baltic elements vil- “hope” and tauta “people, nation”.
VILTAUTĖ   f   Lithuanian
Feminine form of VILTAUTAS

Bob BlobZuvy

VILTĖ   f   Lithuanian
Short form of VILTAUTĖ
VINCENTAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of VINCENT
VIRGILIJUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of VIRGIL
VISVALDAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of VISVALDIS
VITALIJA   f   Lithuanian
Lithuanian feminine form of Vitalis (see VITALE).
VITALIJUS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Vitalis (see VITALE).
VOLDEMARAS   m   Lithuanian
Lithuanian cognate of WALDEMAR
VYTAUTAS   m   Lithuanian
From the Baltic elements vyti- “chase, drive away” or vyd- “see” combined with tauta “people, nation”
ŽYDRŪNAS   m   Lithuanian
Possibly from Lithuanian žydras “blue”.

6 thoughts on “Zuvys, KĘSTUTIS and Me

  1. Judy, I don’t know how you come up with this stuff, but it is entertaining. I need to find something to talk about on my blog that will spike my stats, but not fish (they are slimy) or eppiglotitis (because it hurts). I will welcome any suggestions. My name means “Little Mary’ and I was surprised to see on the Lithuanian name page that they listed both “MO’ and “Reenie” as nicknames for “Mairin” the Lithuanian version.


    • Mo! You’ve got tons of interesting things to talk about! Here’s some ideas I took from your last posts:

      What I have in common with Arnold Schwartznegger (sp?)
      Topic is steroids
      Body builders
      Body building competition
      How steroids work

      Why the Common cold is not common
      Topic : interesting and strange facts about cold germs

      I give up
      The origins of that phrase
      Uses of the phrase in different languages
      How to say “give up” with out using words (eg. In martial arts the person giving up slaps the ground – that’s because they are pinned on the ground!)

      An entire post of each of these:
      ▪ I am a horrible cook….ask my poor Hubby and kids. “Disasters I’ve made”
      ▪ I am a grown-up Flower Child who used to carry a guitar around wherever I went THIS WOULD BE A FANTASTIC POST!
      ▪ I was a Police/Fire Dispatcher in the 70′s and 80′s – “Interesting places I dispatched to”
      ▪ I hate Tequila “History of Tequila and worms”
      ▪ I hate show tunes – much to my Sister’s chagrin – Tell me more!
      ▪ I am scared of water, and yes I can swim- why?


  2. Here we go again! : )

    I guess they don’t have Wendy’s in Lithuania. It’s a British name, so probably not.

    Unlike many Wendy’s I was not named after Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. I was named after my father. Wendall.

    I used to think I wouldn’t like my name when I got older, I felt it was a juvenile name and no one would take me seriously. But I like my name quite a bit…and besides I decided to never grow up (guess I’m more like Peter Pan than Wendy).

    My middle name is Gail. I sound like a big wind storm don’t I?
    I was even nicknamed Stormy by a group of friends in high school…partially because of my name, partially because of my temper! ha!

    You and those fish…it makes me smile, and shake my head. : )


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