Heart Smart

Been off-line for a few days listening to my heart.

Experiencing . . . again . .. light-headedness when exercising and blood pressure careening from too too high to too too low.

The funny thing is that I have reverse “white coat syndrome” – You know, when you get anxious in the doctor’s office and your blood pressure becomes elevated.  My blood pressure goes into a perfect range every time a healthcare professional takes it!

Yup, my heart is REALLY smart.  It knows when it’s going to the doctor’s office.  It knows when it’s being monitored.

I wore a 24 hour halter monitor to see if the light-headedness had anything to do with the electrical activity.

  • As soon as they put the electrodes on yesterday I went on a long fast paced walk — no light-headedness.  
  • An hour later I walked a bit over a mile to my office to see a client — no light-headedness.  (Thank goodness the client I saw is compassionate.  She didn’t blink as I sat wiping the perspiration from my face, neck and hair).  
  • When I got home I went on another 45 minute walk  — no light-headedness.

Knowing I had to turn the halter monitor in today and I had meetings all morning I got up at 5:30 am and walked for 60 minutes, up and down hills.  You guessed it.  No light-headedness.

I can visualize my heart smiling wryly!

7 thoughts on “Heart Smart

  1. Judy,
    Don’t ignore the symptoms. Listen to your body. Maybe 24 hrs. monitoring wasn’t enough.
    Maybe get a second opinion if it keeps up. You’ve been having problems with Tallulah.


  2. I hope the monitor picked up something so that you’re not kept wondering what is happening. I had to wear one three times because of irregular heartbeats different doctors heard with their stethoscope. I would get hooked up with a monitor and each time my heart behaved. I even had an echocardiogram. I think that’s what it’s called, it’s like an ultrasound of the heart, but again, everything looked ok. I think my heart was having temper tantrums and just wanted some attention. It also knew how itchy I would get from all the sticky stuff attaching the nodes.


  3. I am wondering if your heart is just happy with all the increased exercise you seemed to have gotten yesterday. Perhaps it functioned better and was able to reach those tiny, tiny little blood vessels that it might not often reach thus no light-headedness. Smart Heart!


  4. Dare I meekly ask…….could it be anxiety? Don’t YELL AT ME? I know you are the wise one, the one who knows all the Dorothy to my frightened Lion…..Have they run a bunch of blood tests to make sure your blood counts are all ok? For once, Laurie F. is just about speechless and that we know is hard to come by. My mom goes through periods of being light headed for months at a time, I used to too, but my blood pressure is very low and it happened when I stood up too quickly. I also never drank (water) enough so now I am drinking more than ever. Let me know what is going on, and for you, I am on call 24/7. Love, Laurie F.


    • Dear anonymous,
      DON’T you DARE ask, meekly or otherwise!
      Actually no it’s not anxiety but being a more depressive, rather than anxious, type I might not know anxiety unless it ordered a helicopter fly-over trailing a blinking neon light that flashed A * N * X * I * E * T * Y to the beat of “Can’t get no Satisfaction”.


  5. the same thing happened when I work the heart monitor.

    the dang things just don’t like doctors I guess.

    I hope you can figure out what’s going on and get your heart to start cooperating.

    Every time I climb out stairs my head starts to pound and I am so winded I feel like I need my inhaler. I really need to get in better shape. but I have to remember…I’m still recovering from surgery, nothing strenuous for another month.

    I’ll be glad when March 6th gets here and I can get the green light from my doctor.

    (I’m having a brain MRI, blood work, and seeing my ear doc on Monday…I bet my blood pressure goes up.)

    wishing you well


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