Art & Creativity for Healing

I just attended Art & Creativity for Healing HeARTS for Healing Women’s Guild meeting.  Art & Creativity for Healing is a non-profit organization I volunteered for as a facilitator in the early years of my being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Laurie Zagon is a working artist, art teacher and the founder of Art and Creativity for Healing.  I credit Laurie for helping me process the physical, emotional and spiritual upheaval I was experiencing and reconnect with my creativity.
However, I can’t give Laurie all the credit. She has to share it with the local throw-away Penny Saver paper.
Laurie had put an insert ad in the Penny Saver (the first and last time she ever did that) announcing community Art & Creativity Workshops.
I was tossing junk mail out and her insert fell out of the pile, catching my attention. (the first and last time I ever read a Penny Saver insert)  I was VERY skeptical that this was a legitimate organization that really provided free art workshops to help others. Who would advertise such an organization in a PENNY SAVER, on cheap grainy, low resolution paper no less?
I called mostly out of curiosity.  Laurie’s enthusiasm  convinced me to give one of her community classes a try.  The rest is history: I became enthralled, impressed and grateful for the process and program Laurie created; Much of the art work processing my relationship with fibromyalgia I created during that time was done under Laurie’s encouraging and loving  guidance.
This picture is one  I painted at Art & Creativity for Healing.  It is the only one I ever did that is a figure.  I painted it very quickly — maybe 15 minutes — and the figure emerged just as the second head is emerging from her shoulder.  

I didn’t consciously know it at the time but this painting reflected my own emergence from suffering.  The pain was still there but I no longer asked “Why me?”.  I began to focus on what I was capable of instead of what I no longer could or should do.

This painting hung in my office as a reminder for me that whatever my afflictions and limitations we are all capable of creating a better and more meaningful life for ourselves and others.

I probably should take out a “Thank You” ad in the Penny Saver.  Until then, this will have to suffice:  
“Thank you, Laurie!” 

Like all non-profit organizations it relies on contributions and community grants.  100% of  the money earned through community workshops  goes to providing  Creativity for Healing workshops for children and adults suffering from abuse, illness, grief or stress on-site, and at military bases, hospitals and non-profit agencies.

Since 2000, more than 30,000 children and adults throughout Southern California have participated in classes and workshops. The Zagon Method of Art4Healing® was originally developed by Laurie in New York City in 1987, as a workshop designed to help busy Wall Street executives deal with stress.
There are also community workshops and opportunities to be trained to work as a facilitator.  Check it out!

Art & Creativity for Healing

5 thoughts on “Art & Creativity for Healing

  1. Thanks for reminding me how much I loved being a part of Art for Healing. I have not participated for several years. Perhaps it is time to “play with paint” again as I could use a bit of healing too.


  2. I so believe in this! As you know.

    I love the painting you did! How emotional, and …oh, I’m at a loss for the right word…I’ll think of it…and let you know. : )

    I wish there was a program like this close to me. I would love to get involved.

    (on a side note, I was able to work in my studio today for a few hours. did a couple of pages in my BOD…the first pages actually…but it’s started! I also have finally been able to work on my mask some more. The inside, is finished…I think. It’s a collage of very contradictory emotions…and thoughts….all parts of the inner me. I’m having trouble with the outside. To many I let people see me how I am, in pain…ect… I tell people how it is….but often I do put on the face…I think I’ll show the face I try to show people who don’t know I’m ill. Or to my doctors…so funny how I dress up to see my doctor, unless I’m really just can’t. I’ll post it all soon. Thank you again for giving me this outlet.)

    love and hugs,


    1. Wendy,
      You are THINKING, THINKING, THINKING, “having trouble” with the outside of the mask — What else (besides what your wrote about) does this reflect in your life?
      I would suggest you just let go and spontaneously and intuitively do the outside – no preconceived way you want to express – and let’s see what happens.


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