When You are 92 years old . . .

Just the kind of inspiration I needed today!

My brother Rick sent this to me.  It’s been sitting unopened in my in-box (along with about 2000 other e-mails!).

I don’t know if Rick remembers that when he was about 5 and I was 10 we both took tap dancing lessons.  He was pretty cute.

I can still do the shuffle hop step, shuffle ball change and hop shuffle, hop shuffle, hop shuffle, jump  (I leave out the jump!)

Rick, here’s to 30 more years of tapping!  (We’d better sign up for lessons with Nana Louise)

P.S.  Rick is a realtor in Denver, Colorado.  

Please contact him to buy or sell your house.  

He will use the money he earns to pay for our tap lessons.

 (This message is Not approved, solicited nor expected by

Rick Yerman (702) 982-8461, Yerman@KW.com)

10 comments on “When You are 92 years old . . .

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  2. Amazing dancer at 92!! loved the last few minutes of her dancing. she’s very cool
    and young. dresses smart and didn’t miss a beat.

    thanks for sharing this. Must be something about N.Y. Post of photo
    of you and your brother tap dancing if you have it. I bet you were both sooo cute.


  3. Nana is so amazing! And I’m so touched at how much her grand child obviously adores her!
    To have such an inspiration as your grandmother, how wonderful.

    She sure didn’t look 92 years old! You think that’s her natural hair color…hehehe
    What a beautiful woman.


  4. If I had a house in Colorado, I would definitely get your brother to sell it so as to fund those tap dancing lessons!
    Does Max tap dance or is he more into salsa or ballroom dancing? He would audition for dancing with the stars — he’d just have to pick a good star to be paired with — Lassie is a bit old, Rin Tin Tin has gone to dog heaven, Scooby-Doo is too wacky, Brian (the dog on Family Guy) would be fun — but would they allow same sex dancers? I’ve run out of dog stars — Max probably knows a whole lot more, living in California and everything.
    Cha, Cha, Cha Ciao!


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