Oh, NOOOoooo What did they do to my Oreo!?

Twist, Lick, Dunk,

The world has indeed shrunk

Technology aside, here’s REAL proof the world is changing right before our very teeth!

Rethinking The Oreo For Chinese Consumers


“If an Oreo isn’t round and black and white and crazy sweet, is it still an Oreo? What is the essence of Oreoness?”

“It turns out that if you didn’t grow up with Oreos and develop an emotional attachment to the cookie, it can be a weird-tasting little thing. And this started a whole process in the Chinese division of Kraft of rethinking what the essence of an Oreo really is.”

“Kraft changed the recipe and made the cookie more chocolatey. The cream less cloying.”

“They started to ask other provocative questions.”

“Why does an Oreo have to be black and white? Davis sent us an Oreo with green tea filling. Another had a bright orange center divided between mango and orange flavor.”

“And why should an Oreo be round? They developed Oreos shaped like straws. In China, you can buy a long rectangular Oreo wafer, the length of your index finger.”

“Impossible to twist apart, but Davis points out that it makes it easier to dunk in milk”

“What the Chinese team at Kraft figured out is that an Oreo is an experience. You pry it apart, scrape out the filling with your teeth and plop it into a glass of milk. Their shorthand for the concept: “Twist, Lick, Dunk.”‘

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7 comments on “Oh, NOOOoooo What did they do to my Oreo!?

  1. If it’s sweet and comforting, if it’s triangular or rounded ( or should I say well-rounded) I so amuse myself, I’ll try it. Sure, I love the original Oreos, but I don’t mind if they are in Easter colors or twisted like a salami. Sweet is sweet. Now, Peeps, that’s a different story. Peeps, which were KNOWN only for Easter and in little chick shapes have been sprouting up for every Holiday known to man and woman king. Valentine’s day Peeps, X-mas Peeps, TGIF Peeps (just kidding on that one but who knows?) If it reassures our taste buds and if we close our eyes and sigh that sweet sigh of contentment……it works for me. Y’all should give them all a chance. Be flexible like me! Love, Laurie F.


  2. At Christmas, and other times of the year, they keep the Oreo round, but the colours aren’t black and white. Of course, never being a dunker (confession — I hate milk unless its chocolate or in egg nog) and even still would NEVER dunk — so I guess the shape of the oreo makes less difference to me in terms of dunkability. And, to be honest, I haven’t had an oreo in so many years, I can’t remember. Sometimes I took it apart, other times I ate it whole, but it never came near a glass of milk — cup of coffee maybe or just plain.
    I probably missed the whole point of the article — I can still read but not always process, so if this comment is way off the mark, my sincere apologies!


  3. OMG! Childhood will never be the same. Changing the Oreo should be crime of the highest
    culinary degree:) Pulling those Oreo’s apart and licking the cream are memories of the fondest degree. Childhood without that experience will result in arrested cookie experience.


  4. D’OH (apologies to Homer Simpson)! It never ceases to amaze me companies – or pliticians – in the pursuit of brand extension and profit – or votes – will ignore the essence of what makes many products what they are (remember “New” Cok?). who was it who said “….those who forget history are doomed to repeat it…”


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