Go RED! Go Tallulah!

Tallulah Pacehead

My Dears,

I had such an incredibly mahhhhvelous, exciting day yesterday. Unfortunately what “Turns me on . . . and off” isn’t the same mahvelous experience for Miss JudyJudith.  Humans are rather delicate. Pity.

Well, back to me.  I commemorated Go RED! for heart disease day with a visit to my personal cardiologist.  For the better part of 2 1/2 hours I was administered to.  Such a delight since most of the time I toil unrecognized and behind the scenes.

I was turned up.  I was turned down, I was adjusted and tweaked.   Truely a spa day to bring out my glow. I am as magnetic a personality as always.

And I was exonerated.  You won’t believe how much I get unjustly blamed for.  It’s undoubtedly because of my feminine beauty that the finger always gets pointed to me. Being a star it comes with the territory but it is tiring.

Seems as if JudyJudith’s V-nodes (too complicated for those of you not as close to the heart of things as I to comprehend) are competing and the beats aren’t beating and the circuits are heating.  Blood pressure is elevating, Judy is deflating. Ah I wax poetic.

JudyJudith was told by the doctor to take it easy so I, ONCE AGAIN, am helping her out by writing all of you.  I’ll see to it that she’ll be just just fine.  Never as good as new, of course because she’s not new.  So what’s new . . . ?  She wants me to assure you that all is well.

Well, back to me.  I’m doing mahhhhhhvelously well.  And  I want to remind you that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women.  So please take heart, take care and review the symptoms of heart attack.  We pacemakers prefer being in the bodies of  humans who are alive.

Ta, Ta,

with much love,

Miss Tallulah Pacehead

Should you want to refresh yourself on my activities –  how Pacemakers are implanted etc here are past posts: Cranky Tallulah, Open Letter from Tallulah,  Pacemaker Activity Hospital Guidelines,  Pacemaker Implant Instructions)



11 comments on “Go RED! Go Tallulah!

  1. Happy Heart Month, Miss Tallulah! I’m so glad you are doing well and living in the body of the very-much-alive JudyJudith, in spite of those naughty V-nodes. Please remind her to take it easy – OR ELSE! 🙂



  2. Ahhh, Tallulah, you are a gal with an exuberant personality. I enjoy your story-telling so much, I am chuckling out loud while reading … now, that is quite an accomplishment, if you ask those close to me!! 😀

    I am delighted to know you are taking such good care of “JudyJudith” … and I am sure she is happier with that fact. In your best fashion, continue to keep her on her toes … You go girl!! 😀 We like for both of you to be alive and well. Undoubtedly, you were stunning in Red on Friday.


    • Dear Miss Becca Givens,
      How very kind of you to recognize my exuberant personality. Others simply find it delightfully engaging as it is my life’s work to engage. I do take very good care of Miss JudyJudith. She is getting up there in years and I am one of the few who remains patient with her peccadilloes.
      I, too, am delighted to hear from you. It’s been too long.
      Yours in solidarity,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead
      P.S. Thank you for recognizing that I am stunning.


    • Dear Miss Lydia,
      If you wish we could meet. However you might have to leave your Furry Ferret Friends at home. They might be mistaken for expensive fur pieces by the wealthy women who frequent such venues.
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


  3. You know Max, Judy is a very precious soul…and good that you have written to let us know about how she’s feeling..it is comforting..tell her that she has a lot more to give to the world..BEING A TRUE GIVER..so let her enthusiasm continue to be as infectious as it can be.. please..

    My good wishes for lovely and beautiful days ahead!


  4. Tallulah apparently has NOTHING on Miss Piggy in the way of self adulation. Glad to hear you’re both doing Mahhhhvelously (though I’m not sure you can trust those V nodes)..


    • My dear dear Mr Rick,
      From whom do you think Miss Piggy stole the “MOI”? Yes! MOI! Given Miss Piggy’s birth right she has made the best of her life, altho it be a spectacle.
      Mahhhhhhhvelously yours,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


  5. Dear Miss Tallulah,

    Absolutely delightful that you are writing again. The glow of exoneration sounds like a wonderful end to a spa day. Not surprised that you were exonerated. I’ve always found that the ones who are beautiful both inside and out are the ones that get blamed the most.

    Take care of Miss JudyJudith and send her my love.



    • My Dear Miss Sunshine,
      So very delightful to hear from you too. You are indeed the very epitome of the glowing rays of the life giving sun. I do despair, however that the appellation “chaos” is connected to your persona. Perhaps a typo? I would venture to guess that your REAL last name is Charm. Sunshine and Charm.
      Yours in solidarity and sisterhood,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


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