Tallulah: Getting it Off Her Chest

Miss Tallulah Pacehead

While Miss JudyJudith has been convalescing this past week I’ve been running my little legs off running her little heart out . . .  Unfortunately for all my diligence she didn’t appreciate all I’ve done for her and she schlepped me to the doctor today.  He said I had been working way to much – he didn’t need to tell me – and I could rest a bit.

Frankly, I just don’t understand why she’s been complaining.  She’s not done a lick of work all week.  Just sat and moaned and groaned about chest pains, and headaches and light-headedness.  She’s so dramatic.

Frankly, I think she just wants attention.  So please don’t reinforce her.  Tell her to get off her behind and act human.

On second thought.  Don’t tell her to act like a human – that’s actually what she does and it’s not always becoming.  Tell her to act her age!

On second thought.  Don’t tell her to act her age – that’s what she’s been doing and it’s not always becoming.  Tell her to act like Tallulah:  Always smile, always be gracious and always be grateful to have heart.

13 comments on “Tallulah: Getting it Off Her Chest

  1. Dearest Judy, Listen to Tallulah! never act your age! you are way to young at heart!! (read your 20 questions interview and saw your chronological age and thought…NO WAY!) Like me, we are way too young to be as old as the years say we are. : )

    Just take care of you my dear. And Tallulah, make sure she does what she should, and has some fun in there too.
    I know she is very grateful to have a heart….especially a heart like you!

    Both of you are very special, to so many people. Myself included..in no small way!

    My heart feels much fuller when I read the love that overflows from the two of you. I feel more loved because of you.
    Remember, you are loved.

    Take care of each other.
    (I hope this has made some semblance of sense, I think Tallulah may need to have a long talk with my Slosh Head – Alvida. Perhaps Tallulah and Alvida could understand each other more than we can with just words.)

    thinking of you both,


  2. Oh my goodness Tallulah,

    Is she still moaning and groaning? I think you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with Judy. Being schlepped back to the doctor so soon after the beautiful spa day is not good. It has already been mentioned that you both should, and I completely agree, take a holiday. Even if you don’t physically go somewhere, mentally go somewhere. Play some music and eat some delicious, yet healthy food from the wonderful destination. Take some small walks. Make sure Max gets some hugs and cuddles and treats. Hugs and cuddles are very important to both the hugger and huggee.

    Take care of each other. We need you both.



  3. Dear Tallulah,
    In the vein of the other musings here, I don’t want to be overly concerned, and yet I can’t help but be a bit concerned based on the message here and on the more earthly e-mail posts. I’ve been sending many loving thoughts Judy Judith’s way and will continue to.

    And, I wonder if it may be true that what the doctor says is important to take with a bit more seriousness, even if a not so fun pill to swallow (get it?)

    When I have a bit more energy, I’ll write a proper e-mail..however, for now, know that I hope that Judy Judith is laughing out loud very, very soon. And, doing it on some exotic island where she can sit back and drink coconut milk (oops! Not too good for the heart, I hear) would be what I would wish for her..ie., rest and relaxation. I know there may be a wee bit of resistance to this, however, as I read above, the world needs her around for a really long time, so please communicate to her that taking it easier now will support us all in keeping her loving face in our faces in the future!

    Tonka and Tobey’s Mom


    • My Dearest Nancie,
      You need not be overly concerned as I am making sure that JudyJ paces herself properly!
      So kind of you to put her on an exotic island where she can be served by a bevy of cabana boys who don’t understand English and are near-sighted.
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


  4. Let me address Judy directly.. I think what needs to be really done should be done.. if you need to rest then rest.. if you feel more alive by working and keeping you cheerful..fine do that.. but be there to inspire.. to give ..to guide and help for that’s what’s your calling… I am sure elph and ant and Max and of course Tallulah will all like you to do that.. well, take care.. future holds a promise of our meeting-up somewhere.. USA or India..( I am yet to get a passport) don’t know.. Take Care..


  5. Oh Talllulah — you are the best for providing opportunities for a chuckle and smile. 😀 Thank you for all you “graciously” do for Miss JudyJudith ~~ I know she will catch up or catch on to the system soon enough … perhaps she is being a little like Ms Scarlet!!! She’ll come around, don’t be too hard on her!! Your attention, service and generosity is appreciated by all! When she gets those bon-bons or truffles – be sure to enjoy your share with her. With appreciation, you are the best!! (as I am sure you realize) 🙂

    ~~ becca


  6. Dear Tallulah,
    Even the computer knows something or someone is missing because I wrote a lengthy reply a few hours ago and it didn’t post. Perhaps it is missing Judith (please understand, nothing personal) or it could be this new message system you have. Tell Judith for me to THANK YOU and not to feel sorry for herself. Tell her I would not worry (I’m sure she is grinning at that one if not LOL ing) because I do tend to worry a bit but not now. I will write her on email in case this message disappears as well. Love to you, Max and Judy. Love, Laurie F. and Callie


  7. Well Judy, I think Miss Tallulah is telling on you that “she” would like to take a little bit of
    a rest or vacation. I think you need to listen to her because obviously she loves you and
    only wants the best for you. So kick back, be lazy and take a walk on the Beach. But please do get some rest. We all Love YOU Judy and want you around for a very long time, besides I’m not done telling you all my deepest darkest secrets. Please take care
    of YOU… Love, Chris & Doug


    • My Dears Chris & Doug,
      Miss JudyJudith has given me the task of answering messages as she, I fear, is getting a bit too used to my ministrations to her needs. Miss Judy does indeed listen to me. However, please do not encourage her to be idle and slovenly.
      I will pass on the loving part of your message and will hold the lazy part in reserve.
      In sincerest appreciation,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


  8. It’s been a little too quiet from the Ms. Judith front, I was just thinking about that today..and when I gave her a fish opportunity and she didn’t GET IT, I started worrying. I believe Tallulah, you should tell her to act whichever/however she feels and age has nothing to do with it. Although if she is just sitting around eating bon bons and feeling sorry for herself I’d slap her silly. Tell her to be calm and tranquil just like I am (I bet she’s laughing now) and to write out her feelings and have a conversation with them. I’m sure you understand. Please give my love to her and to Max and of course to you. Love, Laurie F.


    • Dear Miss Anony Mous Laurie F. (do they call you Nony for short?)
      The only thing that prohibited her from eating bon bons was that she was too peak’ed to drive to the store to buy them. Alas, however, she’s been feeling very sorry for herself, which of course as we both know, is rather pathetic for someone of her age.
      I shall refresh her memory about the fish, which of course as we both know, rather amuse her.
      Yours in solidarity,
      Miss Tallulah Pacehead


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