20 Questions: Creativity Portal

This is Penelope

Several years ago Penelope Pig submitted her Eat, Pray, Love to CreativityPortal.  Penelope has subscribed ever since.  Chris Dunmire, the founder of Creativity Portal, got Penelope and me mixed up and she asked me to do an interview. (Please don’t tell Penelope).

Who Am I?

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

All of the above

  • I eat like an animal
  • Lay around like a vegetable

    Any resemblance to Penelope?

  • I wear mineral make-up

For the 20 questions and ANSWERS check out:  CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW PLEASE:  Twenty Questions: CreativityPortal!  COOL!

Chris Dunmire

P.S. This is Chris Dunmire
Writer, artist, humorist, and Creativity Portal® founder. Chris empowers clients to explore and engage more joyfully in their creative work while bringing their ideas to life.  http://www.creativity-portal.com/

4 thoughts on “20 Questions: Creativity Portal

  1. Juday,
    You have accomplished and continue to accomplish so much that
    is a benefit to many of us, who are fortunate to have gotten to know you.

    You are much loved and appreciated for all you do in big and
    small ways, that touch so many.

    big hugs


  2. didn’t know it was your b’day — or didn’t remember since you’ve had so many unbirthdays.
    will check out the portal and your 20 questions.
    been having trouble with your site loading, and leaving comments — tried to on the heart-felt Tallulah (spelling) post, and for some reason, it wouldn’t take my comment.
    let’s see what happens this time!


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