How to Look Younger than You Are

The cutest, sweetest, most darling, almost 10 month old, baby boy came to visit me in my office today.  He brought his Mom.

I don’t have permission to put his picture up here so you’ll have to trust me that his face glowed and his eyes lit up in delight as he explored the waiting room with all manner of interesting things to touch and taste and see for the very first time in his life.

Mom and I were stick-in-the-muds, redirecting him away from all the wonderful new things to the boring center of the waiting room.

Earlier in the day two people said to me that they were surprised I was 67.  I didn’t look 67, I didn’t act 67 and they thought I was in my 50’s.  I gave thanks to them and thanks to Clairol, genetics and clothes that camouflaged all that has shifted.

When I got home Max took me on a walk.  He sniffed here and sniffed there, sniffing at things he’s sniffed hundreds of times before.  Sniffing as though it were the first delectable, curious sniff of his life.

And it came to me!  The key to appearing younger than you are is having a beginners mind.  Seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling everything as if it were the first time.  A sense of wonder, a curiosity, an expectation that this world is a miracle and whatever, whoever, is in your path fills your senses and lights up your face.

6 thoughts on “How to Look Younger than You Are

  1. Love this! And totally agree! I’m 61 and many people say I look in my 40s or 50s. Mindset is so important. Delighting in life! Being present and awake! It’s never too late to…do whatever your heart calls you to do. We moved from the USA to S. Korea a year ago to teach English, and what an adventure. We are lovin’ it.


    • Dear EVERYONE!
      I’ve read EVERY word of your comments but just don’t have the time to respond. Thank You! THANK You!
      I LOVE your comments and my comment subscribers do too!
      Thank YOU! from the bottom of my lap top from the tip of my nose, from the depth of my heart. Tallulah loves you. Max loves you (Just not sure about Bob Blobfish — he’s not very happy about being pulled up by humans from the depths of the sea and consequently isn’t in the mood to send love – but I’m sure if he weren’t so perturbed he’d love you too)


  2. What an inspiring post this… yes, I have often prayed..May God never let my thoughts get wrinkled…May I continue to exude youthful energy and exuberance…And Judy, if one has to go by Photos on your page don’t look 67..touch wood…let me try:

    A song waits to be written
    And to be Sung
    It’s so happy and joyous
    To always stay young

    Doesn’t matter if body belies
    Let mind think fresh thoughts
    Let heart with happier ones clung
    A song waits to be written
    And to be sung

    Be cheery always, have fun
    Talk to Moon, stars and flowers
    Taste the rising sun on your tounge
    A song that waited to be written
    I know you have just sung

    Hey, stay happy and stay young..

    Judy this song didn’t exist just ten minutes back.. ha, ha, that’s the power of inspiration..



  3. What great advice Judy-Judith. I also thought you were in your early fifties, or thirties! And as far as I am concerned 10 month old baby boys are the best things on earth….except for Max and Tootsie!


    • Can’t wait to join you in that wonderful world you create and live in. Love your posts. Been catching up tonight before I go back into “create the workshop” mode. You’re always inspiration….and who was it who sang, “And you’ll stayyyy foreverrr younng?” Looking forward to younging with you!


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