Sing a Song of Inspiration

Everyone knows that EXpirations – like sneezes – spread germs.  

Here’s an example of how INspirations are contagious.

Max and I just got back from our morning prayer walk.  I was singing to God while Max, well, Max was sniffing to the max.

A huge raven swooped by, landing just ahead on a light post.  It was sleek, shiny black and started calling loudly for other ravens to join him.  I wondered if that raven was the patriarch or just some young whippersnapper with a rousing call to action.

  • I wondered how you tell the age of a bird.  No tell-tail  (sorry couldn’t resist) age spots or wrinkles.
  • My mind flashed on a brilliant comment about God that Ramesh Sood had made – something about wrinkles – which I couldn’t precisely remember but I remember thinking, “How brilliant” at the time I read it.
  • When we got home I was inspired to re-read his comment and poem.
  • Ramesh was inspired to spontaneously write his poem in response to the post I wrote How to Appear Younger than You Are.
  • I was inspired to write that How to Appear Younger than You Are by that darling baby boy who came to visit me at my office.
  • And the baby was inspired by EVERYTHING!
“What an inspiring post this… yes, I have often prayed..May God never let my thoughts get wrinkled…May I continue to exude youthful energy and exuberance…And Judy, if one has to go by Photos on your page don’t look 67..touch wood…let me try:”

A song waits to be written
And to be Sung
It’s so happy and joyous
To always stay young

Doesn’t matter if body belies
Let mind think fresh thoughts
Let heart with happier ones clung

 A song waits to be written
And to be sung

Be cheery always, have fun
Talk to Moon, stars and flowers
Taste the rising sun on your tongue
A song that waited to be written
I know you have just sung

Hey, stay happy and stay young..

“Judy this song didn’t exist just ten minutes back.. . . .that’s the power of inspiration.” Ramesh Sood, (author of Elephant & Ant, coming soon to a computer near you).  A Little More Than Ordinary.. 

INhale deeply where ever you are today.

I hope you catch an INspiration!

6 thoughts on “Sing a Song of Inspiration

  1. As a young girl who could not imagine what it was to be old I would always question my parents and other elders what it felt like. They all said the same thing ” we feel like 16 year olds even though our bodies don’t.

    Now in my late 30’s at the doorstep of the dreaded 40 I understand what they meant. My father always says” youth is wasted on the youth”…absolutely true isn’t it. By the time most of us realise that time is flying by we have already wasted so many of our young years being unhappy, stressed, worried about the future and generally lost.

    I may not have the energy or the mind of a 20 year old but I have so much more. I understand the need to slow down and smell the roses and think fresh and happy thoughts. In the end that is how I will remain young all my life.

    Thank you Judy and Sood sir for your most inspiring thoughts and reminding me to look at life with like Judy says, a sense of wonder and curiosity.

    Sood sir…this has inspired me to write another blogticle…see you on my blog soon.


  2. With the symptoms lingering on lately, and the particularly bad night last night…I’ve been feeling older than my years. I’ve never felt like that before.

    Then Stuart walked in and said…Pizza tonight. Ah…so many childhood memories of PIZZA…from the first time seeing the cheese ooze from the slice to my mouth…to ordering it late at night, or was it way in the morning during those long study nights in college. PIZZA, he couldn’t have offered a more magical food for me today.

    I think I should break out the crayons!

    (and NO, you do not look your age!)

    I didn’t but now…I waver between coloring my hair,and not…oh the dilemma…then there are times like these with the vertigo, and I haven’t been able to wash my hair for nearly a month…so I really want to deal with coloring it? I used to love my gray streak…but has grown to be a gray crown. Still it’s mine, and I deserve and treasure every one. Today I say that…then I’ll look in the mirror and think…who is that old woman? hahaha.
    I’m 48, what do I expect. And I’ve been through hell…I have a badge of courage!

    Plus, I never act my age! people still can’t believe it. They think I’m graying young…hahaha.
    (when i decided to not color my hair, women told me I’m brave. Brave? for not coloring my hair? I thought that odd.)

    You are such a beautiful woman. I hope I’m that lucky at your age.


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