Keep it Clean Maureen!



Addison’s disease, however, is NOT funny:

Addison’s disease (also chronic adrenal insufficiencyhypocortisolism, and hypoadrenalism) is a rare, chronic endocrine disorder in which the adrenal glands do not produce sufficient steroid hormones (glucocorticoidsand often mineralocorticoids). It is characterised by a number of relatively nonspecific symptoms, such as abdominal pain and weakness, but under certain circumstances these may progress to Addisonian crisis, a severe illness in which there may be very low blood pressure and coma


One comment on “Keep it Clean Maureen!

  1. You know the funny part…I read that post and didn’t watch the video. I normally,never watch videos. I can’t hear them, that frustrates me so I just skip it…but that was funny.

    and I’m very glad my cleaning crew doesn’t use a mini bulldozer…though sometimes I think my hubby does the day before they come so they can get to the floor.

    ahhh…next week, my bathroom will be clean again! : )
    and maybe I will no longer be stinky! (really, I did get a bath!!! with no vertigo last night!!! woo hoo!! Can’t say I’ve gone a day with out any vertigo in the last 18 days, but I did have a bath…and shaved my legs! I think that’s why it snowed!!! yes i caused it!)…oh yeah…you are in CA…it snowed here in Durham, NC last night…it didn’t last long. It was in the high 50’s today…strangest weather ever!!)


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