Spring is in the air, Shooting from my Haiku Hip, Spring me a big tip

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The HEart of Spirituality


A spring in my step
Love is blooming everywhere
a light in my heart 

Spring has sprung today
quick step in my little toes
flowers, sun, hooray

by Nancy

the springs in my brain

Some are right, a few are wrong

have sprung a few sprongs

Haiku-Heights, prompt SPRING

11 thoughts on “Spring is in the air, Shooting from my Haiku Hip, Spring me a big tip

  1. Ah, valentine’s day aura is still left over I suppose 😉 or was it Max falling in love with another doggy? 😉 😀 Like the first one a lot.


  2. haha!!
    this is so delightful 🙂 i found all the three Haiku very beautiful Judith 🙂 you have interpreted “spring” so wonderfully 🙂
    and the picture by Nancy is so endearing 🙂
    and the last Haiku… i relate 😛 though i think all the springs in my brain are twisted and wrong 😛 😛

    PS: Max is so CUTE!!!!! i wanna cuddle him!! 🙂 🙂


    • Dear my new best friend Kirti,
      You are one of the most perceptive people who have lately visited my blog. Thank you for recognizing my cuddlableness and my good looks. I come by both naturally despite the credit my Humans take. Whenever someone gives me a compliment they say “thank you”. I don’t correct them as they seem to need to live vicariously.
      P.S. Please come back and visit me again.


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