Proof of How Puny We Are: Tornado on the Sun!!!!!!

You’ve got to click here!  (Wendy, there’s no audio, just video)

Video Credit: NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory

Solar Storm, by Andrew Prince, producer on NPR’s Science Desk.

“Here’s something you don’t see every day: a tornado on the surface of the sun. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory posted this stunning video, which shows the sun’s plasma sliding and spinning around in the star’s magnetic fields for 30 hours earlier this month.”

“Terry Kucera, a solar physicist with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, told Fox News that the tornado might be as large as the Earth itself and have gusts up to 300,000 miles per hour. By comparison, the strongest tornadoes on earth, F5 storms, clock wind speeds at a relatively paltry (though incredibly destructive) 300 mph.”

“The sun is an extremely active star, regularly spitting radiation and atomic particles into space. This space weather has direct impacts here on Earth, like forcing the rerouting of planes and lighting up the auroras.”

“Our friends at the 13.7 blog dive into how solar weather works, and if you’re looking for some more stellar images of the sun, head over to the Solar Dynamic Observatory’s Pick of the Week.”

Reminder to myself: Stay curious, Stay Humble

2 thoughts on “Proof of How Puny We Are: Tornado on the Sun!!!!!!

  1. Oh Honey that was so Cool! Thank you for insisting I watch it, haven’t made it back to the worm girls yet, but I’m trying.
    this spinning head, feels about like that tornado, the headaches are better, but I am so flooshy. Yeah, that’s a good word for how I feel.

    Know much about Diamox. It might be helping the headache….but dang, I feel like I’m in someone elses brain.

    Showed my therapist today my mask….she loved it! VERY much!! We had a good visit today, I actually asked Stuart if I could have this one alone. This has been one of the roughest emotional and physical months I think I’ve ever had. and I haven’t been able to voice it very well on my blog. Got to get it out!!

    Thank you for the stunning presentation! and thinking of me.


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