4 Weeks old

If this were your pup what would you name HER?

She’s a little mutt dog that my colleague and friend Laurie and her husband Jan have adopted.

The 14 pound mom was dumped off pregnant at the pound.
I’m here to help them collect names.  So far they don’t like what I’ve suggested.  My guess –  it’s because I said the puppy, when it was newborn, was so ugly  it was cute.  I hurt Laurie’s feelings.

My latest offering is “Smudgey”.  She’s getting cuter as she gets older (Laurie too).

The puppy is  now 4 weeks old and still nursing so Laurie and Jan haven’t brought her home yet..

14 thoughts on “Puppylicious

  1. oh how very sweet.
    I’m sure you will come up with a name….that is perfect.
    I’ve had 2 orphaned dogs, so one was Annie, and one is Sandy.
    I’ve had a dog name Watson and a cat named Sherlock.
    I’m not inventive…just silly I guess.
    One cat I had, for some reason I started calling her TeiLei. She was special. It was originally Taleia…but soon became TeiLei.
    As a child we had a dog named Tinker (for Tinker Bell – my sister named her I think)
    One named Peanut (she was a beige chihuahua) a german shepherd named Cheri

    Well instead of naming your dog, I’ve gone down memory lane.

    but I will say, when I was very little, I named everything George. I had a turtle named George, and fish named George, a cricket named George, a snake named George…now my computer’s name is George (and my best friend married a man named George.)
    (“I’ll love him and squeeze him and name him George”)

    Good luck with the adorable puppy.


  2. What a cute little ball of fluff, not to mention the puppy breath. What a wonderful thing – puppy breath! Anyway, I like to wait to see the personality of the pet before naming. Sometimes it takes a few tries. The last cat I adopted was cute as a bug – for some reason she reminded me of a bug but LoveBug wasn’t going to work. I mean it could, but not really. One day it hit me – Cricket! She was black and the “Cricket” part factored in the bug theme I was going for. I wish your friends good luck with their new puppy – what an exciting thing for them. Have a great day.


  3. Thank you everyone for the names! I wrote them down and when we get her I’ll try them all out. How creative you all are and I find it interesting that Bella keeps coming up. (at home too) Her mom’s name is Belle!!!! I’ll keep Judy and Max updated. My husband is liking Brandy, Lucy, Kono, Marlo (TV show That Girl since we’ve been calling her ‘our girl’ or ‘little girl’ Thanks everyone, Love Laurie M


  4. Naming a puppy is worse than naming a child. When our first Keeshond came home I wasn’t very original and named her Keesha. Our second Keeshond followed and I came up with tons of names, but because no one would agree on anything I was just going to call her “Pup”. My sense of humore got the better of me and named our new dog “Tootsie”. Now the men stand on the back porch and whistle and yell “Here Tootsie”. It’s pretty funny. This preciuos pooch looks like Bella to me, or Luna. Pretty puppy!


  5. Well she is actually 4 WEEKS old, not months and the problem is that I like most of the names but because I don’t know her personality it’s hard to choose. I am keeping a list of ALL the suggestions and will try them out on her at the end of March when we pick her up at 9 weeks old. Thanks my friend Judy for sharing our precious puppy with friends!! Maybe MAX should pick the name so they become close friends! Love Laurie M


  6. Cinderella (Cinder or Cindy for short) due to her unfortunate but now lucky Mom’s situation? VERY cute little thing, especially her ears!


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