Don’t always SEE what you BELIEVE!

Robert Krulwich WAS one of my favorite authors/reporters.  I am seriously thinking of starting a national boycott of him for ruining my view of reality. He could have kept this information to himself instead of upsetting & shocking everyone. DO YOU AGREE?

They Did It To Pluto, But Not To Pink! Please Not Pink!

“Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. It’s been demoted. Now it’s pink’s turn. I’m talking about the color pink. It turns out (and this is not a new development, it’s just something I didn’t know), there is no pink in a rainbow. It isn’t there.

Red is there. Violet is there. Green is there. Blue, too. They are bands of light that scientists can measure. So they are out there. They exist.


Curiously, however, when you look at a rainbow, you will notice that red is on one side, violet on the opposite side.

This is a problem. Because pink happens when the red and violet sides get together, but they don’t get together — which makes pink an act of wishful thinking, or, to put it bluntly — pink is a made up color.

I am shocked.”

This one minute-long animation has the details.

11 thoughts on “Don’t always SEE what you BELIEVE!

  1. oh, I’m so very late on this I know…but Pink needs white…and white is not in the rainbow.
    Remember? Plus I looked it up, and the official Crayola Color (and you know they are the official color namers….just saying) call the color between red and violet….*drum roll please*….Red-Violet. Yes they do have a pink, but it is simply red with white mixed in. No white in the rainbow….I’m sorry. But then I’m talking pigment colors, they are talking light spectrum and in pigments, light is the absence of color, whereas, in light it is all colors, so adding white light to red could make a huge mess….hmmmm. Glad I’m not a scientist!!
    Perhaps you should add it to black? Now I’ve hurt my brain……

    I’m sure there is probably an answer to this in a previous comment but I’m a busy girl and cannot be bothered to read such things….well, not with a hurt brain anyway!


  2. There’s no brown, either. Or gold or silver. Or Burnt Sienna. Or my favorite, Periwinkle. Using only the rainbow’s spectrum restricts the colors in our crayon box. The rainbow gives us a starting point.


  3. Hey Judy, my world is full of PINK…I have 3 granddaughters a daughter and a sister…they all make me very happy….they all love PINK…even my Husband, Son, and Son-N-Law like PINK…they aren’t crazy…all the men in the family know PINK makes all the girls happy…when we are happy they are also…if we are not happy, the men in our family are BLUE…and we all know that’s not good…LOL (I love all the colors in the rainbow)…so to answer your question…I believe none of what I hear and half of what I see…this being said I Love PINK…have an amazing day!
    Miracle Mom


  4. I saw this video before and have chosen to ignore it. My biggest proof that the colour pink exists: your blog is pink right now.

    Oh, and I fed the fish so they should be ok for a bit. Those are hungry little guys but very calming to watch.


  5. I can see pink, wow
    made-up or not, it exists;
    ah, I love rainbow

    ah, I love rainbow
    looking at me it turns pink;
    height of conceit, that!.

    Ha, ha, Judy hope you like my comment on the post..


  6. Well, I am NOT going to believe it either!!! I see pink (actually magenta) … it may not be a pure color … but it is still a color when you mix … next he’ll be saying there are no shades of color … blah blah blah!!!:D I am not only shocked, I am outraged!!! 😀


  7. I prefer not to believe this. I prefer to listen to my source which is Barney, the dinosaur. Barney always said that “all the colors that we know, live inside the rainbow.” I sang that song to my children, they believed it and so do I.

    If you want to listen to this science dude guy, feel free. As for me and mine, pink exists in the rainbow, above the rainbow, below the rainbow and on its own.
    Really, Judith…….you should check your sources………Love, Laurie F.


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