Never Compare Your Middle with Someone Else’s Abs?

 “Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle!” 

John Acuf

I don’t know John but his remark about not getting discouraged when starting out on a new venture reminded me of what my Mother always said:  “There’s always going to be someone smarter, richer, prettier – fill in the blank – than you.  And there’s always going to be someone poorer, not as smart – fill in the blank – than you.

Even as a child I was aware she was trying to teach me not to compare myself to others. Comparison can foster jealousy  or worse, snobbish superiority.

I wonder  . . . Sometimes comparison is good.  It can motivate me to strive to attain something better, to avoid something worse, to appreciate what I have . . .

I wonder . . . Was Mom trying to prepare me for middle age spread?  

I wonder . . . Did John know my Mother?

7 thoughts on “Never Compare Your Middle with Someone Else’s Abs?

  1. I have a problem…I keep comparing my middle to what my middle looked like just a year and a half ago. Or better yet 10 years ago when I was able to practice yoga every day….yes…I had at least a 4 pack! hahaha
    so compare myself to others…no. But I do often say, what happened to the me that was? And will I ever be able to find her again.

    I’m trying not to compare, just strive for the me I can be now. work with what I’ve got!


  2. Love this one and isn’t there always someone that is prettier or smarter…what I think it boils down to is likeing yourself for who you are. If you like the person in the mirror looking back at you then that works for me.. Judy I must admit this di get me to thinking just how much this is done. I can only compare me with me and no one else. Kinda like Blonds and Red Heads…no similarities…Night and Day…when we look out to others to see what we should be doing? Then aren’t we missing out on who we reallly are? For me I will continue to improve what I have, now and then using ideas from external sources but still doing it my way. Great Post.


  3. This is verywell said..and thought provoking..Judy…

    Well I have started thinking and i think that I need to compare my today with my yesterday to ensure that I am better with every passing day..and for me in that sense..comparison is essential.. when you compare yourself with someone else for inspiration. to do things’s oK..but compariosn aimed at going ahead of someone else..may be counter productive… :RS:)


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