The HEart of Spirituality, Week 2

Tonight we focused on creatively expressing how “I view myself” or “It’s All About ME!”.   Take a close look and see if you can trace how each painting evolved from one color that represented each person to their completed painting!

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4 thoughts on “The HEart of Spirituality, Week 2

  1. And here I thought this workshop was going to be all about drawing and painting hearts! (one of my favorite shapes). Along those lines, here’s a “found poem” from a series of Dove candy wrappers:

    Listen with your heart.
    Go where your heart takes you.
    Discover how much your heart can hold.
    Trust with your heart, not your head.
    Hold hand firmly, hearts gently.


  2. Love this, and I’m always amazed how quickly you get this stuff up, Judy. Great slide show…shows our wonderful progression through the process of evolution through the night!
    Love the course….Thanks for all you do for all of us!


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