Remember to Forget it!

Upon awakening this morning I clearly remembered an incredibly intelligent, scintillating, provocative and engaging post written, edited and spell-checked I wrote to share with you.  But now I can’t remember what I remembered.

Which brings me to an interesting question (well, I think it’s interesting):  What do I really pay attention to  in my waking life?  The hours, the days, the years – a recorded history of “me” somewhere,  largely irretrievable at will.  I only remember bits and pieces of events, stories told and repeated until I too believe  the version of how it happened, pictures in an album that prove I was there . . .

I remember now that this might be  the post I remembered and forgot . . . I think . . .?

4 comments on “Remember to Forget it!

  1. Hi Judy.. loved this short film… it is so beautiful.. the moment i looked at Gourilla.. I missed count.. my final count was 12…. and trust me in a class we can find people debating on the answer… good one.. .God Bless!!!


  2. Yeah! this is the first post in ages that my computer actually loaded without freezing up! I am so far behind in reading your blogs!
    The trouble with memory, too, is that we can rewrite it until we believe the reshaped past.
    Folks thought my grandmother was going senile when she would talk about the past; it was HER version of the past, retold to herself so many times that it became HER reality. She could still recite poetry learned in a one room school house in the 1910s eighty years later. She wasn’t senile, she had just reshaped the past to fit her narrative.


    • Lorraine,
      Your observation about your Grandmother is a wonderful example of what all of us do without knowing we do it and how we all think others are “daft” when their narrative doesn’t jive with our own. Thanks.
      Glad there wasn’t a freeze!


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