What an incredibly wonderful world this is to be missed by people I’ve never met in person yet feel like family.  Wendy, Laurie thank you so much for your concern

I’ve been off for a while – off-line, off mentally, physically and dare I say emotionally. (It’s a bit blasphemous in the therapeutic community for a therapist to be off emotionally and admit it SO PLEASE don’t tell anyone.  I DO have a reputation to uphold)

ImageNot sure which is the chicken, which is the egg.  All this heart tweaking, testing, stopping miracle Mirapex (click for the saga) has set off my fibro “stuff” and/or the fibro stuff caused the heart stuff which set off the fibro stuff.

The upshot:  My body feels like it’s been hit with a train, my brain isn’t remembering, and my affect is rather flat – that’s therapist speak for “depressed”.  I’m blessed that I have enough energy to go to work, and focus while I’m there.  I find other people’s difficulties and issues far more interesting than my own.

This is the first time I’ve used the new word press format – and the WordPressies already gave this post a title: “Title (optional)”   The WordPressie People are really smart.  Most things in life are indeed optional – even health.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of you for being so LOVING!


Title (optional)

12 comments on “Title (optional)

  1. Very happy to see your post. I was getting ready to send an email or a card, just to say Hi, miss you. I was “talking” with someone last week about how there hasn’t been a lot of new posts lately. I thought and hoped it might be because of spring and spring break. Sorry to hear how the body is treating you. You would think at this point your body would know who you are and how special you are to us.

    And don’t worry, your reputation is safe with us.




  2. Judy – sending love. May each breath tickle your innerds with the love we all send.
    From the Ozarks………….. 🙂 Be well my lady.


  3. Welcome back! It’s good to see you posting again. Sorry your health is throwing a fit. It’s incredibly healthy when a therapist admits to emotional pain. Therapist , heal thyself. Lol. Seriously, self care is vital. And we also model for others. Good for you. Give Max an extra kiss and hug. Life’s good…


    • Dear my Best Friend Laurie,
      I love the extra hugs, squeezes and kisses from you. When I talk to Callie I will tell her that she trained you to be the best kisser. I can talk to Callie. Probably something you didn’t know. She’s doing fine and is relieved she’s not in a hotel room.


  4. I know the train wreck feeling. I am so sorry you’ve been dealing with this. I think many of us have been hit simultaneously with the pain and hiding bug. I am so glad for you and will keep you in my prayers dear one.


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