The HEart of Spirituality, Week 4

While I spent one-on-one time with each participant processing the series of paintings they did (over the four weeks) for meanings, messages and the relationship  to his/her life the others made prayer beads and prayer sticks. (whew!, long sentence!).  There are a few pictures from the homework using the 3-spiral labyrinth in any way they wanted.

Take a look at the creativity and variety!:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s two “feedbacks”.  The other participants, and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, are still writing them and will send them to me QUICKLY!  Right?  RIGHT!

Every workshop I do is testimony to the power of THERAPEUTIC CREATIVE EXPRESSION!

This workshop truly helped me to reconnect with own personal sense of spirituality.  I liked the way we addressed spirituality in an open and affirming way with respect for everyone’s individual take on spirituality.  

I love the way I learned how to use art to connect with and express my creative and spiritual self.  I also learned a lot about how to do art and become an artist . . . and I’m exited – very excited – about taking the next class!”  Sandhya Larsen

“Overall – loved it!  I’ve needed a creative outlet (expression) for sooo long.  In so many ways, this class has really permitted me to develop confidence in myself and acceptance of my process.  And the sharing and support of the group was really terrific!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! “ Nancie K.

2 comments on “The HEart of Spirituality, Week 4

  1. Oh, it feels so good to see people discovering themselves and feeling empowered. Indeed, life is a lot more beautiful then we persume it to be… you are indeed making this world a better place for many a soul..

    Judy, I am putting a link did I miss to invite you to this post of mine…. it had just flowed when I wrote it .. I am sure as a therapist you might be able to understand the root of this… would love your feedback on this..


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