Desperate Measure for Fibro Exhaustion

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Here’s what I’ve decided to do to minimize my fibromyalgia exhaustion!

Desperate measure   – Take 1/2 a Mirapex* tablet. That will cut the exhaustion in half!  AND . . .

  • I’ll compulsively eat half as much and lose weight.
  • I’m not sure how the 1/2 tablet will affect gambling and sex addictions since I hadn’t developed those.  But since I will only develop half of the addictive side effects I’ll ask my husband which one he prefers.
  • I’ll confine the narcolepsy to after dark.

*Mirapex, Other Parkinson’s Disease Drugs Linked to Compulsive Gambling, Hypersexuality
Date Published: Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

“Mirapex and other dopamine agonists used to treat Parkinson’s Disease have been linked to the development of extreme behaviors by yet another study. According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, one in five patients (I think I met several at the bakery counter) taking such drugs in a recent study developed behavior disorders, such as compulsive gambling or hypersexuality.”
“Parkinson’s Disease occurs because of a lack of the neurotransmitter dopamine in certain areas of the brain. (Some fibro patients have lower levels of dopamine) A dopamine agonist works by mimicking the effects of this chemical. However, dopamine is also known to produce a “rush” in the brain of people who are anticipating a reward or excitement. (So that’s why I RUSHED to eat chocolate croissants every day – sometimes rushed a few times a day) Many experts believe that such a biochemical reaction is behind the reports of compulsive behavior linked to dopamine agonists like Mirapex.”

I TOLD you I was desperate . . .

P.S. My Horoscope for today:

“Knowing the truth is always important to you, but the Libra Full Moon’s activation of your 9th House of Big Ideas motivates you to get your facts straight. However, you could become blinded by your own desires now when making your plans. Although you may realize that you’re exaggerating, others still take what you say at face value. Carefully distinguishing the facts from the fantasies is a smart move for all involved.”

7 thoughts on “Desperate Measure for Fibro Exhaustion

  1. I’m very late in reading….but sounds like they are making people manic!
    I hope you can find something that helps.
    I hate you are going though the pain…and heart “thingey”.

    better days


  2. I tried Savella…had a 3 day headache, worst of my life. It’s just one person’s experience, but I consider it the MOST TOXIC thing I have ever tried for fibromyalgia. But perhaps somebody can offer a good story, to balance things out.

    I’ve been curious about Mirapex since you first tried it, and was so sorry when you had so many side effects.

    Good luck!


  3. Not sure but there is probably a bookie in Las Vegas that will take bets on sex; who’s having it, when, how much, etc. so you can kill both potential addictions with one bet (though you’ll only get vicarious fulfillment of one of them…). I ALWAYS rush to get chocolate.


    • The docs are hesitant to put me on this until my heart arrhythmia thingey is more under control. One of the more common side effects of Savella is heart palpitations and “stuff”. Are you taking it? Has it helped?


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